November 28, 2022

STALL TACTICS: Woman mistaken as trans attacked in casino bathroom

STALL TACTICS: Woman mistaken as trans attacked in casino bathroom

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A TikTok user, Jay Rose, has posted a video clip showing a stranger harassing her in the bathroom of Rampart Casino in Las Vegas, apparently because the other woman thought she was transgender. The clip highlights the degree that anti-trans propaganda and even legislation put women — trans and cisgender alike — into uncomfortable and unsafe situations.


Right-wing media and politicians alike have been spreading horror stories, typically completely false propaganda, to encourage their followers to fear and hate trans women, making it more dangerous to simply exist as a trans woman in public.

Of course, like most hate, it also spills over onto targets the propagandists didn’t necessarily intend.

In the end, the unidentified woman seems to suggest she wouldn’t have felt the need to harass a stranger if she could just have been certain that the victim of that harassment was a cisgender woman. It’s her belief that she has a right to that information that puts any random stranger, regardless of gender, in an uncomfortable situation.

In this case, she can be heard outside the stall ranting and raving about trans rights, with rhetoric that skates right up to the line of a threat, including something that sounds like, “I would come out, if I were you.” Once Jay exits the stall, the other woman follows her to the sink, demanding to know her gender, and even when gently rebuffed, insisting, “What are you identifying as today?

You can watch the video below, or on TikTok, at this link.

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Being harassed for using the bathroom and trying to tell me the police would get me for PEEING was definitely not on my list of things to do today #lgbt #nonbinary #trans #bathroom #karen #storytime #karensgonewild

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At last, the TikTokker leads the other woman out of the bathroom to find security, and lets them know she’s feeling harassed. The stranger seems shocked to learn that the woman she’s been berating is someone’s girlfriend — “So it’s a girl?” she reiterates.

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Rose issued an update to share the fact that, when she contacted the casino later, she learned that they wouldn’t be going forward with any investigation of the incident or other actions — she says she was told the woman was really drunk and has been kicked out for causing problems in the men’s room, and after this, was kicked out for the night but given permission to return the next day.

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She says she’ll be pressing charges herself.

“I’m actually really disappointed with the way Rampart handled this,” she says, “Even though I ended up not being a trans child, she did think I was one, and she attacked me for it.”

As for Rampart, they’re being hit on Yelp with new reviews based on the allegations leveled in the TikTok videos, such as the following:

“There was recently an incident at your establishment that was posted to TikTok involving a customer harassing a cisgender woman for her identity over using the restroom, the only action supposedly taken is that the customer was kicked out for the day. What does your business and staff plan on doing to protect people but most importantly transgender people moving forward?”

Another reviewer said they would not feel safe on the property, especially with children, explaining:

“This casino has allowed the same woman to *repeatedly* enter their restrooms and corner and degrade people, with the intent to harass CHILDREN over their sexuality and identity…”

The casino has, at this time, issued no public statement regarding the incident and allegations.

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