December 5, 2022

“WHITE SIDE”: Bi-racial ex-girlfriend outs Trump’s racism

"WHITE SIDE": Bi-racial ex-girlfriend outs Trump's racism

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A bi-racial model who dated Donald Trump is now coming forward to share her experiences, including the time Trump told her she must get her intelligence “from the white side” of her family.


Trump dated Kara Young after his divorce from Marla Maples, and the model says that things ended amicably. They were together for over two years and still had a friendly enough relationship in 2016 for Young to call Trump up to congratulate him on winning the presidential race.

She hasn’t spoken to him since then, she says, but that doesn’t mean she’s stopped being invited to talk about him. In fact, every time Trump made headlines for racism and bigotry, she’d get calls asking for comments.

Young refuses to re-center her life around the ex-president, and wonders why people wouldn’t just judge him on his actions and comments, instead of asking her to verify. However, she said she felt the need to come forward this once, after a book by Maggie Haberman related an incident from her relationship with the business magnate, in which Trump reportedly told her she got her looks from her mother, but her intelligence from her father, who he emphasized as the “white side” of the bi-racial model’s family.

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From Inside Edition:

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“Young says she corrected Trump after he made the comment.”

“’It wasn’t a fight or anything like that, it was just more like — “No. Don’t say that, it’s not funny,” Young said. ‘He said “I was just joking, I was just kidding. No, I don’t think that.”'”

Throughout Trump’s presidency, his history with racist rhetoric has been brought up, including allegations that there are recordings — outtakes from Celebrity Apprentice — in which he is heard using the racial slur typically referred to as “the n-word.” In 2018, former White House aide Omarosa Manigault told NPR she had listened to the tape in question and could confirm its existence.

While Trump’s supporters claim he was never accused of racism before he ran for president, a New York Times story documents that there were complaints as early as the 1960s when Trump joined his father’s business, which already allegedly had a practice of denying rental properties to Black applicants.

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Young’s story is one more contemporary eyewitness account of racially-biased behavior from the man long before he sought political office.

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