December 2, 2022

BRONX BOMBSHELL: Latest Trump trial expected to strongly favor ruling against ex-prez

BRONX BOMBSHELL: Latest Trump trial expected to strongly favor ruling against ex-prez

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Donald Trump’s legal team keeps earning the money they’ll likely never be paid as yet another trial against their client begins in New York City — in the Bronx, specifically.


Trump is named in a suit brought by Efrain Galicia, an activist of Mexican origin who claims that Trump’s security guards roughed him up outside Trump Tower during a peaceful protest in September 2015.

Jury selection will start on Monday in the civil trial over Galicia’s allegations that Trump’s security guard roughed him up at “the express or implied direction” of Trump. Galicia and several other activists filed a suit against Trump and a handful of the then-presidential candidate’s cronies days after the incident, alleging assault and battery.

Trump denied all knowledge of the incident when he was deposed in the case a year ago.

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What makes this trial significant is that it’ll be tried in the Bronx, rather than Manhattan, which is an important distinction that legal experts say will favor Galicia.

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“I’ve said this before and I’ll say this again: the Bronx civil court is the greatest instrument of wealth redistribution since the Red Army,” Ron Kuby, a longtime New York City criminal defense attorney focused on civil rights, told The Guardian. “A Bronx jury is going to view this case with a fair eye and if they find that the defendant is liable, they are going to award massive sums.”

The same Guardian piece quotes Randolph McLaughlin, Pace University law school professor and co-chair of Newman Ferrara LLP’s civil rights practice group who says Trump is “unloved” in a borough where juries “engage in Robin Hood-ism” and love to give money to poor people.

“There’s no limit in the Bronx. They love to give money to the people,” McLaughlin said. “Donald Trump, as much as he is loved in certain corners of the country, he is not loved in the Bronx.”

Trump’s testimony will be presented to the jury via his filmed deposition.

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