December 2, 2022

BIG QUESTION: Did the Pelosi attacker have a hit list of additional targets?

BIG QUESTION: Did the Pelosi attacker have a hit list of additional targets?

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A man arrested for breaking into the home of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)  and assaulting her husband had a list of other targets, according to law enforcement. While they haven’t released the list, his social media drops some hints about the other legislators he may have similarly disliked.


Law enforcement sources say that David DePape, the man accused of attacking Paul Pelosi with a hammer while apparently seeking the House Speaker, might have gone on to other targets if he’d been successful in his first attack. He reportedly had a manifesto, in which he named other elected officials as well as Pelosi.

At this point, his list and manifesto are not being released publicly, and police have not yet officially named it a “hit list.” His social media, however, is a less-private reflection of his state of mind.

On a Facebook page no longer publicly available — and on other social media — DePape reportedly attacked the January 6th Committee (which Pelosi was crucial in establishing), as well as hitting on popular right-wing conspiracy theories including Holocaust denial, accusing Congressional Democrats of being pedophiles, and anti-vax rhetoric.

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From CBS:

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“David Wayne DePape, the man accused of beating Paul Pelosi with a hammer inside his San Francisco home overnight on Friday, may have been planning to attack more people, the sources said…Police have not specified a motive, but said it was ‘not a random act.'”

While a political affiliation has not been identified, and his social media reportedly did not mention Pelosi by name, the conspiracies he parroted throughout it tend to echo right-wing propaganda and target Democrats.

Via Forbes:

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“DePape’s Facebook page also reportedly linked to a YouTube video slamming the House select committee investigating the Capitol riots as a ‘farce commission.’ DePape shared links claiming Covid-19 vaccines were killing people and that the pandemic was engineered by those in power to dismantle and control society, a conspiracy known as the ‘Great Reset.’”

The January 6th Committee members have been targeted with violent rhetoric throughout the existence of the panel, to such an extent that, CNN reports, law enforcement has found it difficult to sort through and determine which constitute actual threats (one member, Representative Adam Kinzinger, received a letter by mail promising to “execute” him, along with his wife and newborn son) and which are merely expressions of opinions or views.

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