November 30, 2022

SICK NOTE: Juror escapes Trump trial with good excuse

SICK NOTE: Juror escapes Trump trial with good excuse

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A prospective juror has been released from Donald Trump’s financial fraud case, saying that the one-term, twice-impeached ex-president makes him so “sick to his guts” that he felt it would be unhealthy for him to sit through the proceedings.


Trump himself may find the juror’s position enviable, as he continues to make it very clear he’d like to be able to walk away from this case, too.

A jury has been successfully seated in New York Attorney General Letitia James’s case against Trump for alleged financial crimes committed through his businesses. However, locating a dozen people in New York who don’t already have strong opinions on the business magnate wasn’t an easy prospect.

In fact, aside from one juror who walked away, saying that Trump turned his stomach, three of those who were eventually seated are firm in (and open about) their distaste for him, although they said they could still judge impartially. One cited the former president’s narcissism, and two more admitted disapproval of his actions while in office.

Trump, meanwhile, is complaining that it’s unfair for him to face several significant legal cases at once, all in the weeks before the midterm elections. The case in New York was announced last month.

From Business Insider:

The then-prospective juror, a middle-aged man, told Justice Juan Manuel Merchan of the New York Supreme Court on day three of jury selection in the Manhattan trial that he had “strong feelings” about Trump that “turned into a very visceral feeling in my gut” overnight…The judge asked defense attorneys and prosecutors whether they had any objections to the man being dismissed, and they said no.

Trump may be feeling the pinch. He turned to Truth Social, where he complained of persecution and political bias, and argued that the judge — who was elected to his position — “was appointed by my worst enemies.

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In the post, Trump referred to District Attorney James by the nickname he’s given her, “Peekaboo,” which has prompted speculation about whether it was intended to invoke a certain phonetically similar racial slur. He also attacked the judge and complained that he has “no jury or civil rights.”

In another post about 20 minutes later, Trump complained about the timing of the cases, saying there are three “run and inspired by Democrats” in progress right now.

In breaking with a long standing [sic] and powerful tradition where cases involving politicos are not to be brought or tried just prior to, or during, a major Election (the Midterms), I have THREE, all run and inspired by Democrats, who absolutely refused to move the date. They demand it be now. So much for tradition and unwritten rules and laws!!!

The legal issues Trump is currently facing include, aside from the financial fraud case, the investigation into documents stored at Mar-a-Lago; the parallel investigations by the January 6th Committee (which has subpoenaed his testimony and documents) and Department of Justice; the investigation into potential election interference in Fulton County, Georgia; as well as several less-political cases, including a defamation case brought by E. Jean Carroll, who says Trump sexually assaulted her in a department store, then caused further harm by publicly attacking her and calling her a liar; and a lawsuit brought by his former attorney, Michael Cohen, who alleges that the then-president had him imprisoned as retaliation for writing a tell-all.

It’s not clear, of all these cases, exactly which three Trump is addressing in his post. Is it ever?

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