November 27, 2022

TUDOR ERROR: MI gubernatorial candidate accused of shady campaign financing

TUDOR ERROR: MI gubernatorial candidate accused of shady campaign financing

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Michigan Progressives filed a complaint against Republican gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon amid allegations of campaign finance violations. On Tuesday, Progress Michigan listed Dixon, along with the Republican Governor’s Association and the Get Michigan Working Again Political Action Committee (GWAC, GMWA), as defendants in the complaint.


Funded by corporate contributions, the RGA illegally made expenditures on Dixon’s campaign. This was shielded by Federal Election Commission filings by the GWAC PAC, claiming to have spent hundreds of thousands to help Dixon beat incumbent Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D), but it was a farce.

According to complainant Lonnie Scott:

Get Michigan Working Again is a pleasant-sounding name but it is a mirage—a façade hiding the fact that the RGA has been illegally making expenditures in its name. GMWA’s expenditure reports are false, as are its identification on all of its communications—those reports should disclose that RGA is making the expenditures and RGA’s name belongs on all of those communications.

“Moreover, because on information and belief RGA has been actively working and coordinating with the Dixon campaign while also engaging in independent expenditures, the RGA and Dixon have broken the law prohibiting coordination between a candidate and an entity making independent expenditures in her race, Scott continued.”

While GMWA reported the supposed expenditures to the FEC, the Republican Governor’s Association reported nearly the same amounts to the IRS. All were made on the same day and to the same vendors – in nearly the same amounts.

See the filings below.

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Failing to register these expenditures with the Board of Elections is a crime.

The Michigan Firm of Goodman Acker is representing Mr. Scott. Attorney Mark Brewer has requested an investigation into his client’s allegations that the Michigan Campaign Finance Act was violated.

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Because RGA has been coordinating with the Dixon campaign while making alleged independent expenditures in the gubernatorial election, Dixon and the RGA have violated the ban on coordination between candidates and independent expenditure committees, leading to excessive and illegal in-kind contributions.

“For all these reasons, I request that you, find that there may be a reason to believe that Dixon for Governor, Get Michigan Working Again, and the Republican Governors Association violated, among other provisions,” Brewer continued.

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In September, the Democratic governor received the endorsement of 150 prominent Michigan Republicans.

Whitmer has never wavered in her commitment to keeping Michiganders safe during the pandemic, despite death threats.

Progress Michigan’s complaint is another example of Republicans not just being in it to win it – but to grift and skim it, making Dixon perfect for the Republican Party, and as we’ve seen before – bad for America.

Read the entire complaint here.

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