December 3, 2022

TEXAS TRASH TALK: The top 15 most outrageous statements from Trump at his latest rally

TEXAS TRASH TALK: The top 15 most outrageous statements from Trump at his latest rally

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Hate speech has become a hallmark of Republican candidates in this election cycle. Donald Trump, however, was not only hateful at his Robstown, Texas rally yesterday, but frankly insane, blaming his 2020 loss on corrupted space satellites.


The full list of crazy babble would be too long to enumerate, but here are some of the highlights.

1. Trump praised Xi Jinping, who he said was just “elected for life.” Riiiiight…elected. Much in the way that Mickey Mouse is a real mouse.

2. He also praised China for having “quick trials,” after which, he said, drug dealers are summarily executed and their families forced to pay for the bullet. Trump said that each American drug dealer kills an average of 500 people, a “statistic” that he surely pulled out of his ass.

3. The man who once inhabited the White House claimed we’ve bypassed socialism already and that “we’re communist.”

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4. “The radical Democrats are locking up pro-life activists, persecuting their political opponents, spying on their political rivals, silencing dissent, and using the full force of government, law enforcement, and the media to try and crush our movement,” Trump said. This is classic demagoguery: portray your opponents – no matter how reasonable and well-intentioned they are – as evil.

5. “The media is a big problem because they’re corrupt and dishonest,” the twice-impeached former president said. Classic Demagoguery Part II.

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6. Trump claimed that he beat the Democrats on the wall and did a great job of building it. Yeah. Really.

7. He also said that there’s nothing wrong with saying “America first,” even though the term was historically used by antisemites and fascists prior to our entry into World War II.

8. Describing the Southern border, Trump declared: “It’s an invasion, just like an army coming in….Biden has allowed millions and millions of illegal aliens to storm across the border from…160 countries.” The 160 countries number he, again, completely made up. At another point, he said that liberals are going to let “murders [and] rapists” come in from 129 different countries. He pretty much just picks a number. There are only 195 countries in the entire world, by the way. Not sure why Australians, say, would be attacking our Southern border.

9. He said Democrats were using “fake drop boxes” for elections.

10. Trump claimed satellites in space stole the 2020 Election for Biden: “We don’t need satellites sending the signals all over the place. Somebody votes. ‘Let’s see, I’m gonna vote for Trump. I love Trump; I’m gonna vote for Trump. Trump.’ Bing, bing, bing – goes all over the world – bub, bub, bub – comes back Biden. How did that happen?”

11. Trump told his rabid, red-meat-loving audience that “radical liberal…thugs” had pushed people away from voting in Pennsylvania. Conclusion: they may have to get violent themselves to defend their rights and stop the libs from stealing another one.

12. The makeup-wearing, orange-haired politician went after trans people (of course).

13. He hinted that he will “probably have to” run again in 2024

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14. Trump said that the “radical left Democrats” will bring about the “decline and fall of our country.”

15. Finally, he declared that “the Texas way of life is under siege….[Liberals] are against oil, God, and guns.” The Texas way of life for – let me guess – white Christians? Something tells me that’s what he means.

In addition to all of this hate-filled crazy talk, he also made sure to note the difference between Republican “true Americans” and the rest of us.

You could dismiss it as his usual blather, but if you’re not alarmed by all the hate, you really should be.

Dirty Donald, Donny Jr, and Rudy all surely would like to see Ross take a long walk off a short cliff. And that’s why you should follow him on Twitter: @RossRosenfeld

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