December 3, 2022

DEADBEAT: Alex Jones tries to weasel out of paying billions in Sandy Hook damages

DEADBEAT: Alex Jones tries to weasel out of paying billions in Sandy Hook damages

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Far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones wants a new trial after a jury awarded nearly $1 billion to the parents and families of those killed in the Sandy Hook massacre.


After a decade of gaslighting and lies about the school shooting, the InfoWars host has finally been held accountable by the courts— and the perennial snowflake is melting.

According to the Austin, Texas-based grifter’s attorneys, “The verdict is both unjust, and against the weight of the evidence.”

Ummm, no!

The Newtown, Connecticut tragedy claimed the lives of 26 innocent victims and was repeatedly referred to by Jones as a “hoax.”

After 10 years of compounding the pain of the grieving parents, Jones was forced to own up to his lies in court — forced to face the reality and gravity of his lies.

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“Throughout the trial, which ended this month, plaintiffs described in poignant terms how those lies had prompted unrelenting harassment against them and compounded the emotional agony of losing their loved ones,” CNN wrote.

A Texas jury recently awarded the parents of six-year-old Jesse Lewis — Scarlett Lewis and Neil Heslin —  a compensatory and punitive judgment of close to $50 million for Jones’ statements denigrating their son’s death and for inciting followers of the vile right-wing host to harass and threaten them.

Gut-wrenching testimony by the pair shed a light on the heartache they’ve had to endure for the past decade.

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Unable and incapable of properly grieving the loss of their child while fending off the rabid fans and believers of the InfoWars host.

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Attorneys for Jones claim their client didn’t get a fair trial, despite him taking the stand. According to CNN:

“Jones’ lawyers Norm Pattis and Kevin Smith also argued ‘the amount of the compensatory damages award exceeds any rational relationship to the evidence.'”

Whatever the outcome, one thing is certain — Jones has no remorse for the pain he’s caused.

He can file all the appeals he wants, but the Sandy Hook survivors are not giving up in their fight for justice — and neither should we.

Original reporting by Samantha Beech, Brian Vitagliano, and Isa Kaufman Geballe at CNN.

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