December 2, 2022

COP COSPLAY: Mike Lindell joins in MAGA police badge craze

.REELED IN: MyPillow peddler Mike Lindell was just fined for another con

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Fake law enforcement badges are apparently the new thing among MAGA Republicans. MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell joined the Herschel Walker dishonorary club for delusional wannabe police officers in an embarrassing display on the right-wing propaganda media outlet Right Side Broadcasting Network during Trump’s latest hate rally on Saturday.


After urging MAGA not to vote before election day, Lindell referenced a pin on his jacket, telling interviewer Brian Glenn, “They just gave me a little badge, Brian. I’m semi-official.”

Semi-official, but wholly quacked  — emphasis on the Q.

Just over a week after the Trump-endorsed GOP candidate for United States Senate Herschel Walker whipped out an honorary Sheriff’s badge during his humiliating debate with Senator Raphael Warnock — Lindell went all in on the farce.

Meanwhile, the Walker campaign announced that they were ordering 1000 prop badges for supporters.

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“Walker’s campaign told NBC News on Monday that it ordered 1,000 fake “I’m with Herschel” badges to stir up support in response to the controversy,” The Huffington Post reported.

Rev. Warnock called out his opponent’s claims of being a member of law enforcement, triggering Walker and his supporters.

“My opponent, Herschel Walker, is not ready,” Warnock told reporters Monday. “I pointed out the fact that he claimed to be in law enforcement — to be a police officer — and that he threatened a shootout with the police. And his response was to produce a fake badge? The people of Georgia deserve a serious person to represent them in serious times.”

While some have stood by the truth-adverse GOP candidate, other law enforcement officials weren’t so gracious.

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DeKalb County Sheriff, Melody Maddox said it was a “disgrace.”

“It was a disgrace, and it was disrespectful to those of us who actually wear the badge and wear it proudly and serve our communities,” she told NBC News. “The problem with it is that it’s not a real badge. It does not have any power to it at all. There’s no arrest power. And my question is: If he’s flashing the badge now, then what else is he using the badge for? Where else is he flashing it?”

Lindell has been vocal in his support of  Trump and has been a key pusher of the ex-President’s stolen election lies.

The party of “law and order” has proven to be cosplay coup conspirators — with fake badges to go with their fake patriotism.

Original reporting by Ben Blanchet at Huffpost.

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Ty Ross

News journalist for Washington Press and Occupy Democrats.

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