December 4, 2022

PANIC MODE: Trump lashes out at judge who demanded Eastman email turnover

PANIC MODE: Trump lashes out at judge who demanded Eastman email turnover

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Donald Trump is lashing out at a judge who ordered one of his close associates to turn over emails that he says are evidence of criminality in the former president’s election challenges.


U.S. District Judge David Carter, who ordered attorney John Eastman to turn over 33 documents to the January 6th Committee including 8 emails that he deems to show illegal behavior, is a “partisan hack,” according to Trump.

Trump lashed out in a post where he accused Judge Carter of making “Very nasty, wrong, and ill informed statements,” and demanded that Carter stop talking about him and the 2020 election “Until he knows the facts.”

The emails, according to Carter’s ruling, contain evidence that Trump and his legal team knowingly attempted to “press false claims in federal court,” and that the goal of legal challenges was not to seek justice, but to delay or obstruct the January 6th electoral vote confirmation. Trump’s rebuttal to this is only to again declare the election “[r]igged and [s]tolen.”

Trump’s post (with punctuation and capitalization intact):

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Who’s this Clinton appointed “Judge,” David Carter, who keeps saying, and sending to all, very nasty, wrong, and ill informed statements about me on rulings, or a case (whatever!), currently going on in California, that I know nothing about – nor am I represented. With that being said, please explain to this partisan hack that the Presidential Election of 2020 was Rigged and Stolen. Also, he shouldn’t be making statements about me until he understands the facts, which he doesn’t!

Trump has one fact right —Judge Carter was appointed by Bill Clinton. Aside from that, though, the post is misleading at best.


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Screenshot of Donald Trump’s Truth Social post

For one thing, while he’s not a direct party to the case, the emails that Eastman tried to shield by claiming attorney-client privilege directly relate to Trump and his efforts to overturn and discredit the 2020 election. Aside from that, the judge certainly seems to be issuing his rulings based on facts, specifically, in this case, reviews of the documents in question.

Eastman earned the title of “coup memo attorney” by penning a list of options that could potentially help Trump change the outcome of the election after the fact.

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