November 28, 2022

ROE BIDEN: Blue wave at midterms guarantees protection of reproductive rights, POTUS says

ROE BIDEN: Blue wave at midterms guarantees protection of reproductive rights, POTUS says

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President Joe Biden announced Tuesday that when the new Congress is seated in January, his first act will be to call on them to protect abortion access, saying it will be much easier if more Democrats are elected in the midterms.


“The court got Roe right nearly 50 years ago and I believe the Congress should codify Roe, once and for all,” Biden said in a speech Tuesday afternoon.

The current Senate shows no willingness to protect the rights of women to access necessary healthcare, but there’s hope in sight. Depending on how the midterm elections go, in a few short months, progressives may have control of the Senate.

“If we do that, here’s the promise I make to you and the American people: The first bill I will send to the Congress will be to codify Roe v. Wade. And when Congress passes it, I’ll sign it in January, 50 years after Roe was first decided the law of the land,” Biden added.

Democrats holding onto the House majority after the midterms is less likely, but not impossible, and if voters can just place a majority that are in support of the right to make one’s own medical and life decisions, then legislation could make it through Congress — and if it reaches Biden’s desk, it’s a done deal.

Biden has consistently promised to protect the right to choose, but he’s also determined that most of his leadership will be done through Congress, rather than executive orders. Now, he’s announcing that when the new Congress is seated, he’ll put their dedication to women’s rights to the test, sending a bill that would protect health care access.

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Politico reports:

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[I]t is a vow that appears aimed at energizing Democrats to turn out in force in the upcoming midterm elections where the party is struggling to keep its slim majorities…He’s repeatedly predicted that there will be a massive surge of voter activity in the midterms pushing back against the decision — particularly from women voters.

Biden has warned that if Republicans are given increased power, they will use it to rob women of rights, and that abortion will be only the beginning, followed by access to birth control and other hard-won freedoms.

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In the meantime, Vice President Kamala Harris spoke on Monday about the efforts the Administration is making to protect abortion providers and patients until the right to choose can be protected in law. These include working with the Department of Education to encourage students to know their rights, and to protect students who need access to reproductive care; working with agencies and pro bono attorneys to help providers understand their legal risks and make choices accordingly, and, setting up a hotline to report threats against reproductive health providers.

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