January 29, 2023

BACKFIRE: Sean Hannity tries to embarrass Biden and winds up clowning himself

BACKFIRE: Sean Hannity tries to embarrass Biden and winds up clowning himself

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If vacuousness had a face, it would be Sean Hannity’s. The Fox News host put his inhumanity on full display Monday night when he aired a personal and private voicemail from President Joe Biden to his son, Hunter, expressing what any father should – unconditional love for a child in pain.


Hunter Biden’s struggle with addiction is not a secret. Despite being the proverbial punching bag of the right, Hunter has been open about his battle. In a 2018 call to his son, President Biden says what many who are dealing with similar issues need to hear from their parent – that they love them no matter what.

“It’s Dad. I called to tell you I love you. I love you more than the whole world pal. You gotta get some help. I don’t know what to do, I know you don’t either.”

While the move was meant to be a “gotcha,” the only one “owned” was Hannity himself – and social media let him know.


When it comes to punching down, Republicans take the gold. Using someone’s pain against them is par for the course for those committed to Making America Hate Again. Hannity and his handlers at Fox News solidified what a majority of Americans already knew – that they’re the worst. It also reinforced that 81 million Americans did the right thing when casting their ballot for Biden in 2020.

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“I’m here no matter what you need. No matter what you need, I love you.” – President Biden

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“This makes me respect Joe more. As a man and as a father.”

While Sean Hannity may have thought he was exposing a weakness in President Biden, he actually did the opposite. What he showed, and proved, is that no matter who you are – even the most powerful leader of the free world – is human.  Perhaps if anyone had loved Sean Hannity the way POTUS does Hunter, the right-wing propaganda pundit would know what being human felt like.

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Ty Ross

News journalist for Washington Press and Occupy Democrats.

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