LIE FEST: Nevada rally gives Trump a chance to spread more misinformation

LIE FEST: Nevada rally gives Trump a chance to spread more misinformation

Donald Trump performed the MAGA hits at his most recent rally in Minden, Nevada on Saturday: fear-mongering, hate-mongering, gaslighting, and attacks on his political enemies rounded out an evening of America First bigotry – complete with QAnon music, and Trumpers praising Putin.

What would Ronald Reagan say?

The ex-President showed off his lack of affinity for economics – saying with impunity that “inflation is costing the typical Nevada family, $854.00 a month despite having no proof of these claims.

“These aren’t my numbers. These are numbers from the people that do the numbers in Washington, and make them as good as possible… meaning, low,” Trump claimed.

“Under Democrat rule, the price of gas in Nevada is up 100 percent,” Trump said. “Two years ago, everything was so good in our country, and now, it’s going to pieces. It’s falling apart. You now have gasoline, $5 today, $5.54 a gallon.”

Since leaving office in January 2021, the twice-impeached ex-President has unapologetically turned up the volume – and heat – on his anti-democratic rhetoric, espousing hate seemingly non-stop and ramping up the “US vs. THEM” narrative.

Trump again called for the death of drug dealers, the type of person whom the former President said, “kills an average of 500 American citizens, “and that, in “his opinion,” implementing the death penalty for drug dealers and human trackers “will upon its passage, reduce drug distribution and crime 75% on the first day.”

“You can’t walk down the street in a Democrat-run city, without being shot or mugged, or knifed. Streets of our once great cities, drenched in the blood of innocent victims,” the apaocalyptic fear-monger lied about crime statistics.

While none of this is true, after the 2020 election, we have quickly learned that proof or facts need not apply when it comes to baseless claims – so long as the MAGA echo chambers confirm for Trump’s most loyal that what they already believe is true.

“At 6:30 p.m., all nonwhite residents had to be in their homes or out of town, lest they faced a civil fine, arrest, or physical violence.” – Las Vegas Review-Journal

Minden, Nevada – where the Trump rally was held – has a history of being a “sundown town.” A bright red siren goes off at 6 PM daily,

The Las Vegas Review-Journal published a feature on the siren and the history of Douglas County’s municipalities—Minden among them—as sundown towns. In a not-so-distant past, the siren was an explicit reminder for any and all Native people who lived in the town or on the sovereign lands of the nearby Washoe Tribe of California and Nevada that the daily curfew was nearing.

At the Minden rally were Nevada GOP candidates for office, including Sigal Chattah – who made statements that her African American Democratic opponent for Nevada Attorney General, Aaron Ford, should be “hung” – and Adam Laxalt whose extreme views include a desire to see Dreamers deported and who has waged war on Planned Parenthood and wants to take money from the state’s public school system.

“Chattah, in a private text to a blogger last year, wrote Ford “should be hanging from a (f***ing) crane. He’s like the leader of (H)amas — making tons of money while the People in Gaza are starving.” – Reno Gazette-Journal

But anyone familiar with the narcissistic former President knows the spotlight will not be too far off of Trump. The Nevada Independent reported:

“But the majority of his remarks disregarded Nevada entirely. Trump repeatedly attacked Democratic President Joe Biden, lamented the United States as a ‘failing nation’ and denounced investigations into his conduct as political attacks — including the Department of Justice’s investigation into classified documents Trump took after leaving office.”

“’For six straight years, the witch hunts, hoaxes and abuses have been coming at us fast and furious,’ Trump said. ‘We have a weaponized Department of Justice and FBI on everything. including of the courts. I mean think of this, how about, including the break in of my home, concerning the so-called “document hoax” case.’”

Recent rallies by the former President failed to fill up the venues, but the five-figure crown in Minden is proof that, though he is facing multiple criminal and civil investigations and possibly sold out the nation’s top secrets to Russia and Saudi Arabia, Trump’s hold on too many in this country will continue to be a clear and present danger as long as he walks free.

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