February 7, 2023

VENEGEFUL: Paranoid Trump demands that FBI search Obama’s house for classified info

VENEGEFUL: Paranoid Trump demands that FBI search Obama's house for classified info

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While the National Archives say there are still documents missing that they had hoped would be recovered from former president Donald Trump, he’s having a social media hissy fit, posting demands that the government issue a subpoena and search the properties of his predecessor instead.


In keeping with his history of retweet frenzies every time he feels cornered, Trump is on Truth Social reposting months-old commentary from some of his supporters, including the following originally posted in August by Mark Levin:

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This is crap. The 1917 Espionage Act cannot apply to a President. Under Article II, first sentence of Section I, he is the executive branch. He is free to do as he wishes with these documents, including deciding as president to remove them as he leaves office. I suspect former presidents have done so. Unless and until a subpoena is issued to search Obama’s various estates, we won’t know.

[Screenshot via Donald Trump/Truth Social]
Of course, no matter how longstanding or severe Donald Trump’s executive envy of Obama, the documents that have already been located were on Trump’s property, and no matter how much he tries to shift the blame, the evidence is speaking, and investigators are listening.

In his frenzy to find any and every post that could possibly offer a little affirmation to his inferiority complex and persecution fetish, Trump also reposted an August article from Jesse Waters, with the title “Democrats Just Re-Elected Donald Trump.”

Never mind that he’s not actually declared himself a candidate and that there are still a number of hurdles that might prevent Trump from entering the presidential race again — you know he’s having a bad day when he has to use other people’s voices to assure himself and his fans that he’ll retake power.

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It’s only been a few short days since he begged Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas to intervene for him and protect him from the FBI’s investigation, and there’s no word yet as to when or if SCOTUS will respond to that request — but if Trump’s already crying victim on his social media, it’s a hint that he doesn’t expect things to go his way.

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