February 6, 2023

CHARACTER ASSASSINATION: NC PAC that killed Cawthorn’s career sues another GQP member for defamation

CHARACTER ASSASSINATION: NC PAC that killed Cawthorn's career sues another GQP member for defamation

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The North Carolina political action committee that famously brought down a freshman GOP congressman in this year’s primary just filed a defamation action against another House Republican who accused them of lying about devastating revelations about her past.


Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) is being sued for defamation.

David Wheeler, co-plaintiff and president of American Muckrakers, a North Carolina PAC, filed suit against the contentious congresswoman in the Tar Heel State on Wednesday, alleging “malicious prosecution” for brand-damaging statements made in an interview with Fox News pundit Sean Hannity.

In June, Muckrakers published allegations that the self-proclaimed “pro-life” conservative Christian Boebert had not one, but two, abortions – and worked as an unregistered escort.  According to Smoky Mountain News:

The four-count lawsuit alleges that Boebert told Hannity days later that there was no evidence to back up Wheeler’s claims, that the claims are false, and that Wheeler knew the claims were false when he published them. Boebert also threatened legal action, called Wheeler a “hack” and blamed “radical Democrats” for an effort to remove her from office.

Boebert never filed the defamation suit against the PAC, and the temporary restraining order she received against Wheeler on June 23 was vacated by a judge and dismissed less than a month later.

On the website, FireBoebert.com, Muckrakers published a press release listing the Colorado Congresswoman’s many alleged hypocrisies.

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Our coalition of Republicans, Democrats, and Unaffiliated voters are pleading with all voters in Colorado’s 3rd District to take a good long look at Lauren Boebert and what she does, not what she says:

– Boebert had two abortions but says other women shouldn’t be able to make this decision.

– Boebert was driving an ATV in Moab and had a serious wreck with her son in the back and her sister-in-law is so seriously injured she has to be flown to the hospital via life flight.

– Boebert doesn’t report the accident as required by Utah law and then actively works to cover up the accident two weeks before the primary election, including paying her sister-in-law off to remain silent.

– Boebert uses donor money to pay her taxes and restaurant rent.

– Boebert still owes her employees back pay and threatens them if they protest.

– Jayson Boebert has a “consulting” contract for an oil and gas company for $460,000.00 a year but has zero consulting experience.

We hope Coloradans will agree with us that Lauren Boebert doesn’t deserve to represent the voters of Colorado, but she does deserve to be in the Colorado Hypocrite Hall of Fame.”

The website includes published text messages from an ex-friend of Boebert’s familiar with her past, substantiating Muckrakers’ claims.

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According to Wheeler’s suit, the PAC suffered a 92% decrease in fundraising revenues following Boebert’s comments, dropping from an average of $20,000 a month to around $3,800 a month, Smoky Mountain News reported.

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“Our PAC and I are going to finally hold Boebert accountable,” said Wheeler. “We look forward to seeing Boebert in a North Carolina court room and a conference room for a deposition.”

American Muckrakers gained national attention after leaking videos of Congressman Madison Cawthorne (R-NC), showing the representative engaging in “questionable” behavior with a man who was reportedly his cousin. The scandal led to Cawthorne’s primary loss, which means he’ll be leaving Congress.

Controversy seems to follow Boebert. Facing an investigation for potential campaign finance violations, marrying a man who pled guilty to exposing himself in a Colorado bowling alley, and whose neighbors recently called the cops on her husband for allegedly threatening them and destroying their property, the woman accused of poisoning customers of her now-closed restaurant Shooters, at the Rifle rodeo, can add defamation to her growing list of aggressions.

American Muckrakers is suing for $25,000 in damages.

Original reporting by Cory Vaillancourt at Smokey Mountain News. 

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