November 28, 2022

STEALING CREDIT: Ted Cruz slammed by White House claiming bipartisan victory for bill he voted against

STEALING CREDIT: Ted Cruz slammed by White House claiming bipartisan victory for bill he voted against

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The White House called out Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) for taking credit for an infrastructure project he voted against. In a September 12 interview on KAMC’s Talking Points, Cruz couldn’t stop praising the Ports-to-Plains highway project that will bring tens of thousands of jobs to the state of Texas, and pump billions into its economy.


“The Ports to Plains highway will run from Laredo all the way up to North Dakota and into Canada,” he wrote. “This project will bring jobs to Texas and millions of dollars to the state. A great bipartisan victory!”

Cruz introduced the amendment with Sen. Ben Ray Luján (D-NM) to designate part of the corridor as a future addition to the interstate earlier this year, The Hill reported, but Cruz ultimately voted against the final proposed legislation in March.

The Ports-to-Plains Trade Corridor was designated as a High Priority Corridor in 1998 by Congress. The Corridor provides the efficient transportation of goods and people from Mexico, through west Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Colorado, and ultimately Canada and the Pacific Northwest, according to the Texas Department of Transportation website.

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The infrastructure bill that Cruz voted against but is taking credit for will designate the Ports-to-Plains Highway along I-27, up from Laredo, to North Dakota and eventually Canada.

When asked by KAMC reporter Ryan Chandler why he voted against the bill, Cruz did what Republicans do best— deflect. Blaming politics and gaslighting that things like this “happen all the time,” The Hill quoted Sen. Cruz as saying:

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That happens frequently in the United States Senate, where you end up working to get an agreement and to pass a particular piece of legislation, but then it gets rolled into a giant bill that has a whole bunch of good things and bad things.

The Senator’s press secretary, Dave Vasquez, dismissed his boss’ flip-flop by attempting to blame the Democratic party, “What he voted against was a Democrat spending spree that contributed to an economic recession for American families.”

Except none of that is true. Instead, what the antagonistic, self-important Senator voted against was progress — and now he’s lying about it.

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