DISHONORABLE: GOP insurrectionist House candidate J.R. Majewski busted in military lie

DISHONORABLE: GOP insurrectionist House candidate J.R. Majewski busted in military lie

Military documents reveal that an Ohio Republican candidate for the House of Representatives, J.R. Majewski, never served in Afghanistan as he has bragged on the campaign trail.

Contrary to his previous statements, the ultra-MAGA Air Force veteran was never stationed in the war-torn, Taliban-controlled country. Instead, he spent six months helping to load airplanes at an air base in the much safer environs of Qatar.

But in true GOP fashion, stretching the truth so much to push the “patriot” narrative isn’t a deal breaker with Republican voters.

Majewski gained attention after turning his front yard at his Ohio home into a 19,000 sq. ft. Trump 2020 flag.

A participant in the January 6th insurrection and a QAnon conspiracy theorist, Majewski is running to unseat Democratic incumbent Rep. Marcy Kaptur in the recently redrawn Ohio 9th congressional district.

Retired colonel and chief Air Force prosecutor Don Christensen—who was also stationed in Qatar—told the Associated Press, “I do not consider myself a combat veteran.”

“I think that would be offensive to those who were actually engaged in combat and Iraq and Afghanistan,” Christensen said.

Majewski bills himself as a “combat vet,” saying that he was deployed to Afghanistan after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. So far, the House Republican campaign committee has supported the misleading narrative, saying the exaggerating veteran’s squad “was one of the first on the ground in Afghanistan after 9/11.”

A campaign ad posted online Tuesday by Majewski supporters flashed the words “Afghanistan War Veteran” across the screen alongside a picture of a younger Majewski in his dress uniform.

Though when confronted about the contradictions in his military back story, Majewski said in a 2021 interview on the One American Podcast with Chase Geiser, “I don’t like talking about my military experience.,” adding, “It was a tough time in life. You know, the military wasn’t easy.”

Christensen criticized Majewski for using his military service to mislead the American people—and potential voters—saying:

“It bothers me when people trade on their military service to get elected to office when what they are doing is misleading the people they want to vote for them.”

“Veterans have done so much for this country and when you claim to have done what your brothers and sisters in arms actually did to build up your reputation, it is a disservice.”

Another disservice is trying to subvert democracy and overturn the results of a free and fair election which Majewski tried to do on January 6th along with his MAGA colleagues.

The Jan. 6 insurrectionist bragged about raising $25,000 to get Trump supporters to the Stop the Steal rally. Not only is Majewski a liar, but he’s also a traitor – perfect for MAGA, detrimental for America.

Original reporting by Brian Slodysko and James Laporta at Associated Press

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