October 1, 2022

FAILED DECEPTION: Trump’s Secret Service lies didn’t help him against NY AG Letitia James

FAILED DECEPTION: Trump's Secret Service lies didn't help him against NY AG Letitia James

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Donald Trump’s legal team tried and failed to have the former President’s deposition with New York Attorney General James moved to Trump Tower from New York Attorney General Letitia James’ office when the disgraced former president was scheduled to appear last month in the state’s civil tax fraud case against him, despite lying to the court, a new report has revealed.


According to The Daily Beast, sources familiar with the matter said:

“The former president’s legal team told a judge in confidential court documents that the Secret Service was concerned about safety in the Manhattan building where the attorney general’s office is located, and instead tried to get his contentious deposition moved to Trump Tower.”

The allegations came as a shock to the Secret Service. “[The Secret Service is] unaware of any security challenges at the Office of the New York State Attorney General,” said agency spokesman, Anthony Guglielmi.

In a confidential filing prior to his August 10th testimony, Trump’s attorneys tried unsuccessfully to place blame for the suggested relocation squarely on the shoulders of the former President’s taxpayer-funded security detail. It’s a move that “disgusted” those close to the situation, The Daily Beast reported.

“In correspondence that was filed in secret, Trump’s legal team notified state investigators that the Secret Service was opposed to transporting him to the AG’s office in Manhattan’s Financial District, both sources said. The letter cited some sort of safety concern related to having the former president at the 60-story skyscraper at 28 Liberty Street—which is located just across the street from a Trump-owned building.”

No official statement from the U.S. Secret Service was included in the filing, which some think was a typical Trump power play aimed at putting him in a more comfortable — and commanding — position during his questioning.

Former Trump Organization executive Barbara Res commented, “He’d be sitting behind the big desk, where he has the authority,” adding “That’s the only thing I can think of. It’s his desk, with chairs all around. It puts him at a very superior position.”

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With Trump known to be extremely litigious, the fact that he wasted the court’s time with a lie shouldn’t come as a surprise to those familiar with the ex-president’s frivolous ways – nor would the fact that he would throw those in charge of keeping him safe under the bus to get his way. But, like in most court decisions lately involving Trump and a judge that he did not personally appoint to the bench, the judge assigned to this case wasn’t buying it.

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Trump was deposed as scheduled – invoking his Fifth Amendment right over 400 times in Attorney General  James’ investigation into the financial manipulations of the Trump Organization.

The walls of justice are closing in, and Donald Trump is running out of options.

That he and his legal team are dragging the Secret Service into the muck is a sign that the heavily investigated former President more than likely knows the end is near.

Original reporting by Jose Pagliery at The Daily Beast

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Ty Ross

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