March 30, 2023

STOLEN VALOR: Ron DeSantis slammed for taking credit from Biden for Florida federal funding

STOLEN VALOR: Ron DeSantis slammed for taking credit from Biden for Florida federal funding

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For someone who loves slamming President Biden for everything, Ron DeSantis sure doesn’t mind spending Dark Brandon’s money as if it were his own.

Yesterday, Florida’s increasingly fascist governor held one of his incessant press conferences to tout the second round of bonuses being given to first responders.

Thing is, it’s not really coming out of the governor’s goodwill or ill-fitting suit pockets.

In fact, it’s coming from President Biden.



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The American Rescue Plan has 100% funded Ron’s big bonuses.  And not once in his self-congratulatory presser did he give credit to the President of the United States, Joe Biden.


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Because he wants his believers to think he’s the beneficent one.

Spoiler: he’s not.

At the same time, the GOP’s golden boy with the big bank account is giving millions to the Florida Republican Party to attack Democratic gubernatorial nominee Rep. Charlie Crist in ubiquitous tv spots for being “in lockstep” with the president, who is the one paying the amazing bonuses he touts.

That is true nerve.

As his ego explodes along with his waistline, the cringe-worthy governor who once called himself “DeSanta Claus” is more like the GOP Grinch when it comes to taking stuff.

But if Democrats don’t seize on this blatant thieving, Ron will continue to steal the money—and credit for that which he has not done. Wrote Politico’s Florida correspondent Gary Fineout,

[DeSantis] will likely continue to bash President Joe Biden and the Democrats for pushing policies that he says has caused inflation — which includes the massive spending included in the American Rescue Plan. Democrats can complain, but absent some sort of big and expensive ad blitz, they will have to watch DeSantis reap political benefit from a legislative accomplishment of Biden and Democrats.

The Dems did call DeSantis out on this one, which is more than political pandering but literally claiming patronage over a gift to a key constituency and lying about its provenance, you know, coming from the guy who just forked over.

DNC spokesperson Ammar Moussa said:

“If Ron DeSantis had his way, police officers would not have gotten funding to protect their communities. Gaslighting voters and taking credit for funding he pushed against is simply par for the course with Ron DeSantis.”

All the guv’s gaslighting also burned those first responders’ pensions, the $300 million worth held up in investments tied to Russian companies from which Ron refused to divest, so at the end of the day, even though he takes credit for handing out these so-called bonuses, when it comes to the first responders’ bottom lines, they do as little as Ron does for the state of Florida.

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In other words, they’re pretty much worthless.

Just like the governor himself.

Lesley Abravanel is the mother of two Florida public school students and a former entertainment columnist who realized that fighting fascism is more important than keeping up with the Kardashians.

Follow her on Twitter@LesleyAbravanel.

This is an opinion column that solely reflects the opinions of the author.

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