October 1, 2022

NO ESCAPE: Maria Bartiromo forced to testify in Fox News’ Dominion Voting Systems defamation suit

NO ESCAPE: Maria Bartiromo forced to testify in Fox News' Dominion Voting Systems defamation suit

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Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo is the latest of the propaganda-pushing network’s personalities to be deposed in Dominion Voting Systems’ $1.6 billion defamation lawsuit against the right-wing media conglomerate for pushing Trump’s Big Lie.


Formerly known as the “Money Honey” for her work as a financial journalist, Bartiromo will follow Tucker Carlson and Jeanine Pirro, who gave testimony last week.

Less than a week after the 2020 election, Bartiromo told guest and Trump Kraken-crackpot attorney Sidney Powell, “We talked about the Dominion software. I know that there were voting irregularities.”

Powell proceeded to falsely claim that Dominion’s software was “flipping votes in the computer system or adding votes that did not exist.”

The New York Times  reported that Bartiromo also lied, saying that Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) “Has an interest in the company.”

Conspiracy theories surrounding the 2020 election and Dominion’s supposed “complicity” ranged from ridiculous to downright bizarre.

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Claims of a dead, South American dictator being involved in the so-called conspiracy should have been a clue the accusations were ludicrous. It didn’t, however, stop Fox from pushing the idiocy.  Dominion Voting Systems alleged this in their lawsuit:

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Fox endorsed, repeated, and broadcast a series of verifiably false yet devastating lies about Dominion. These outlandish, defamatory, and far-fetched fictions included Fox falsely claiming that: (1) Dominion committed election fraud by rigging the 2020 Presidential Election; (2) Dominion’s software and algorithms manipulated vote counts in the 2020 Presidential Election; (3) Dominion is owned by a company founded in Venezuela to rig elections for the dictator Hugo Chávez; and (4) Dominion paid kickbacks to government officials who used its machines in the 2020 Presidential Election.

The voting technology company accused the “news” network and its propagandist puppets of acting with a “reckless disregard for the truth.”

After threats from Dominion competitor Smartmatic, which has its own $2.7 billion suit against Fox and its hosts, Bartiromo aired a “fact-check” on her show. The network debunked her own lies and predictably caused Fox viewers to call the long-time conservative pundit a “sell-out” after it aired.

It was the same one shown by her colleague Lou Dobbs when he still had a show.

Quite a turnaround from his claims a little over a month before.

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The Fox News  faux news network was a conduit for the spreading of election lies, having Trump loyalists and co-conspirators Mike Lindell, Rudy Giuliani, and Sidney Powell frequently on their show.

The Murdoch family’s misinformation network not only allowed the unqualified election “experts” to make wild and baseless claims, but they also joined in.

Fellow Fox hosts Sean Hannity and Lou Dobbs are expected to be deposed this week.

Watch the video of Fox’s lies here.

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Ty Ross

News journalist for Washington Press and Occupy Democrats.

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