August 15, 2022

EQUAL TREATMENT: Insurrectionist’s daughters say put Trump in prison

EQUAL TREATMENT: Insurrectionist's daughters say put Trump in prison

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The daughter of convicted Capitol rioter Guy Reffitt told reporters, “Trump deserves life in prison if my father’s in prison for this long,” after the insurrectionist was sentenced to over seven years in prison for his role in the Capitol attack. Peyton Reffitt reportedly gave a statement inside the courtroom saying that her father wasn’t the “leader.”


It was what CBS News‘ Scott McFarlane described as a “distinctive, unique moment.”

Outside of the courthouse, Peyton’s sister said:

“To mark my dad as this horrible person and then having him prosecuted like this when somebody is maybe even able to get elected again, doesn’t seem right to me.”

Captured on video talking about kidnapping House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and dragging her down the steps, Guy Reffitt was sentenced to serve 87 months by Judge Dabney Friedrich after being convicted back in March of five felonies – including carrying a firearm on Capitol grounds, interfering with Capitol Police, and obstructing an official proceeding, CNN reported.

Begging for leniency, the self-proclaimed “First Capitol Rioter” told the judge: “I was not thinking clearly” – adding that he was “an idiot” and had “f*cked up.”

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The recruiter for the anti-government Three Percenter militia previously boasted about carrying a gun to the Capitol, and after refusing to take a plea and insisting on going to trial, Judge Dabney Friedrich said:

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“It seems you wanted to be the big guy, the important guy, the first guy to go to trial … the first guy up there, to revel in the press. You want to be an important person who makes a difference, and yet you are going about it in the wrong ways.”

Before his change of heart about his actions, Reffitt boasted about them in social media posts.

The 49-year-old from Wylie, Texas walked back his pride in being the first insurrectionist to go to trial, telling the judge he doubled down on his rhetoric to earn money for his legal defense.

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While the militia member’s daughters blamed Trump for their father’s actions – his son Jackson wasn’t as forgiving. A statement written by the teen – who wasn’t in the courtroom – said that his treasonous father “slowly lost himself over the last five years. Whether you view him as a father, a family member, or friend, using these labels to justify anything he has done is completely wrong.”

Threatened by his father to keep quiet, the 19-year-old previously testified under oath that Reffitt told him, “If you turn me in, you’re a traitor and traitors get shot.”

That threat is something federal prosecutors say warranted an additional 9-11.5 years in prison. Prosecutor Jeffrey Nelson told the judge that the government believes “what he was doing that day was terrorism,” but the DOJ’s terrorist enhancement was denied by Judge Friedrich.

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Friedrich did criticize the use of “patriotism” as an excuse for the events of January 6, saying:

“And I want to be very clear … under no legitimate definition of the term “patriot: (does) Mr. Reffitt’s behavior on and around January 6 get the term. It’s the antithesis of the word.”

The sentence Guy Reffitt received is two years longer than any other sentence related to the Jan. 6 insurrection handed down so far.

Let’s hope that Donald Trump, the man that Reffitt’s daughters blame for his crimes as the “leader,” far exceeds that sentence when his time comes.

Original reporting by Hannah Rabinowitz at CNN.

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