August 15, 2022

COLD-HEARTED: Trump SLAMS WNBA’s Brittney Griner saying he wouldn’t trade arms dealer for her freedom

COLD-HEARTED: Trump SLAMS WNBA's Brittney Griner saying he wouldn't trade arms dealer for her freedom

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One would think that after being accused of collusion with Russia to be elected as president of the United States, after playing the subservient underling to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s alpha dog at international meetings, Donald Trump would be cautious about taking Russia’s side in any current dispute between our nation and the Ukrainian war crime-perpetrating country.


Cautious? Donald Trump? Nah!

During a phone-in appearance on The Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show yesterday, Trump inexplicably took Putin’s side in Russia’s ongoing detention of WNBA star Brittney Griner after the basketball player was imprisoned for possession of less than a gram of medicinal cannabis oil in her luggage during a trip to that illiberal country.

Trump railed against a potential prisoner swap with Russia that would garner Griner’s release in exchange for the notorious Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout as a bad deal for America, betraying his racist underestimation of the value of Griner’s life.

Trump’s contempt for the WNBA player was evident in his blaming of Griner — whom he said traveled to Russia “loaded up with drugs” — for her own incarceration.

“They’re very vigilant about drugs. They don’t like drugs. And she got caught. And now we’re supposed to get her out,” Trump told Travis and Sexton.

Trump was even more critical of the relative imbalance he perceived between the worth of the basketball star and Bout, the merchant of death.

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“We’re supposed to get her out for an absolute killer and one of the biggest arms dealers in the world. Killed many Americans. Killed many people. And he’s gonna get a free card and we’re gonna get her,” Trump said, in reference to Bout. “He’s absolutely one of the worst in the world, and he’s going to be given his freedom because a potentially spoiled person goes into Russia loaded up with drugs,” Trump continued.

The disgraced former president returned to blaming Griner for her fate without a shred of empathy.

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“She knew you don’t go in there loaded up with drugs, and she admitted it. I assume she admitted it without too much force because it is what it is, and it certainly doesn’t seem like a very good trade, does it?” Trump concluded.

In Griner’s defense, her attorneys say that the WNBA star had “no intent’ of breaking Russian law by bringing into the country vape cartridges containing prescribed medical cannabis for the management of chronic pain.

You can listen to the entirety of Trump’s pro-Russian diatribe in the clip below.

Original reporting by Ivana Saric at Axios and by Dan Sadden-Hall at The Daily Beast.

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