August 15, 2022

OPINION: Treat Trump’s emails just like he treated Hillary Clinton’s emails

OPINION: Treat Trump's emails just like he treated Hillary Clinton's emails

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I think it would be sweet revenge if Hillary Clinton would tweet out this morning, “but his emails.”

Republican officials, conservative commentators, and talk radio pundits should do what’s right and start holding Trump to the same standard to which they held Hillary Clinton.


This time there’s evidence that cannot be denied.

The emails show a criminal conspiracy between Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani and Trump’s White House Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows. They show that Trump’s team of lawyers knew from the start that their plan was to delay the Senate with the fake election certificates. And it shows they knew the fake documents were fake.

They pushed a fraud.

Today’s bombshell story was ironically published by Maggie Haberman (along with Glenn Thrush). It was her vigorous reporting on Clinton’s emails that proved seminal in Hillary’s 2016 election loss.

Today, Haberman’s story provides further details of how members of the Trump campaign have worked with lawyers and advisers to create their own elector plan with an agenda. The New York Times reports:

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“One email showed that many of Mr. Trump’s top advisers were informed of problems naming Trump electors in Michigan — a state he had lost — because pandemic rules had closed the state Capitol building where the so-called electors had to gather.”

In 2016 when I campaigned for the now-disgraced ex-president, I constantly brought up Hillary Clinton’s emails in my own political debates. The “but her emails” scandal was the top talking point in the Trump campaign, a talking point that helped him get elected.

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At the time, my misplaced concerns were believing the claim that Hillary Clinton was incompetent to serve as President since her lax handling of emails put our national security at risk. Obviously, I found out two years later that that was a lie. And after years of investigations by the FBI, Hillary Clinton proved her innocence and obtained a full exoneration twice; something Trump has yet to do even once.

Fast forward five years later, it’s Trump with the new email scandal, one that is fact-based.

Worse, the emails from the twice-impeached president’s advisors reveal a knowing scheme to thrust “fake” election certificates into the hands of the officials tasked with choosing the winner of the 2020 presidential election.

The Committee found an email sent by Mark Meadows to another campaign advisor today that read:

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“We just need to have someone coordinating the electors for states.”

The emails highlight how much of the legwork of finding ways to challenge Mr. Trump’s losses in the battleground states was done by Mike Roman, director of Election Day operations for Mr. Trump’s campaign.

With the benefit of the emails that the Times unearthed, you can plainly see there is no doubt that Trump clearly wanted to overturn the election, using false claims, intimidation, and anything that he had at his disposal.

If Hillary Clinton was able to be subpoenaed and testify when there was no evidence of wrongdoing, then Trump should be subpoenaed and testify for his crimes. Especially since we have evidence of them.

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David Weissman

Opinion columnist and Army veteran. Former MAGA, now a Biden voter.

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