March 25, 2023

CLUELESS: Social media slams NBC’s Chuck Todd after he questions prosecuting Trump’s crimes

CLUELESS: Social media slams NBC's Chuck Todd after he questions prosecuting Trump's crimes

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Chuck Todd, the host of NBC‘s long-running Sunday morning news program Meet the Press, doesn’t think the country could handle the prosecution of Donald Trump. In an interview with Maryland Republican Governor Larry Hogan on Sunday, Todd asked the governor if he thought Trump should be criminally charged and if “the country can handle prosecuting a former president?”

Though he didn’t give a definitive answer, Hogan did say that “no one” is above the law, presumably including Trump.

After damning testimony from Cassidy Hutchinson, former senior aide to Trump’s Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, and former White House counsel Pat Cipollone, the evidence against Trump is mounting. Hogan applauded the House Select Committee for the handling of their investigation into Trump and his involvement in the Jan. 6th Capitol riot:

“I think the committee’s done a service in bringing a lot of people forward that are finally talking. And we’ll be able to have a lot more information than we did, but that’s for the Justice Department to decide.”

The Department of Justice has asked the Jan. 6 committee for additional transcripts and depositions. The DOJ is executing subpoenas and conducting FBI raids after incriminating televised testimony provided evidence of wrongdoing. NBC‘s Willie Geist of the Sunday Today show asked Todd if he thought a Trump indictment would soon follow.

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Not ruling an indictment out, Todd admitted it’s less a matter of “if,” but “how.” He told his NBC colleague that he believes Trump’s teasing of a 2024 presidential run is all about “planting a seed of doubt” in Attorney General Merrick Garland’s mind.

“If you are going to charge the former president with a crime, if you’re going to indict him and he’s an active political candidate or a likely political candidate, it does change the calculus,” Todd told Geist.

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Todd does lay out the three areas that he believes the Jan. 6 committee has best made its case. In his words, “Conspiracy to overturn the election, incitement of the riot itself on Jan. 6, and raising money and defrauding folks.”

When it comes to the easiest and surest road to a conviction, Todd says “follow the money.” That — while it may not satisfy Trump’s biggest critics — may be the best path to getting some justice for America. With Trump having raised over $250 million for a PAC that Trump’s former assistant says never existed – Todd just may be right.

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Ty Ross

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