August 17, 2022

ONGOING SEDITION: Attorney Christina Bobb reveals Trump’s coup plans are still active

ONGOING SEDITION: Attorney Christina Bobb reveals Trump's coup plans are still active

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In an interview with the propaganda-pushing media outlet Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN), Trump attorney Christina Bobb detailed ongoing plans to overturn the 2020 election. The loyal Trump sycophant and pusher of election conspiracy theories falsely claimed that electors in battleground states can withdraw their votes for Biden and give them to Trump.


The scheme that Bobb described would, in effect, re-install the disgraced insurrectionist-in-chief as president. She told the interviewer:

“You don’t want this to be something you can quickly, easily overturn elections. It needs to be something that you need many, many elected officials to take action on. You have to have the majority in this situation.”

Speaking rapidly, she described needing a majority of “three different legislatures” and cooperation from Congress for the scheme to be successful. All but admitting the plan may be less than legit, she said “It’s a complex issue. I don’t know that THIS congress would take action, however after the 2022 election if we replace them.”

It’s a scheme that sounds a lot less like a constitutionally-approved action and a lot more like a treasonous coup attempt.

Christina Bobb, a former One America News reporter, U.S. Marine, and Department of Homeland Security executive secretary, left the far right-wing network in March of 2022 to join Trump. A believer in the “Big Lie,” Bobb was present at Willard Hotel “War Room” with fellow coup-conspirators Rudy Giuliani and John Eastman on the evening before the Capitol breach.

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The Willard Hotel “War Room” was one of two command centers for Trump’s January 6th plotting– the other being the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C.

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Media outlet WSWS shared details of the ex-Marine and others at the “War Room,” revealing their connection to the plot.

But the conspiracy began long before Jan. 6. It was predicted by journalist Eric London in his WSWS column Perspective even before the election took place.

“Trump’s plan for election day is no longer a matter of conjecture. In battleground states that support Biden, Trump will falsely proclaim himself the victim of election fraud, deploy violent groups to intimidate voters, seize statehouses and eliminate political opponents. Armed supporters will declare the vote invalid or compel state legislatures to certify pro-Trump slates of electors.”

London’s analysis was prescient.

Trump and his allies like Christina Bobb are no longer whispering – they’re shouting. And it’s time for voters to pay attention. With mid-terms less than four months away, the time is now for Democrats to take the gloves off and get serious, or else come Thanksgiving, there won’t be a democracy left to be thankful for.

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