CAPTURED: January 6th plotting by Roger Stone & Ali Alexander documented by film crew

CAPTURED: January 6th plotting by Roger Stone & Ali Alexander documented by film crew

Self-proclaimed “dirty trickster” Roger Stone and not-so-white supremacist Ali Alexander were recorded on film plotting a coup. Filmmakers Jason Rink and Paul Escandon captured footage of the “Stop the Steal” moments that led to the Capitol riot, following Stone and Alexander – also known as Ali Akbar – in the days leading up to, and on the day, of the violent insurrection.

Stone — according to The Guardian, the longest-serving political adviser to ex-President Donald Trump — not only was in Washington the day before the infamous breach but staged a similar protest at the Georgia State Capitol in November in what the documentary footage shows to be a “trial” run and the precursor to Jan. 6.

According to the recorded footage, Ali Alexander says of then-President-elect Joe Biden’s certification:

“The House and the Senate must certify the electoral college. There is no president-elect until the electoral college meets.”

Ali Akbar has managed to escape accountability for his role in the attempted coup, but Stone has been implicated in multiple testimonies before the House Select Committee. When I reached out to the Trump pardoned felon about his role, he texted me:

“Any claim assertion or even implication that I knew about, was involved in or condoned any illegal action at the Capitol on January 6 or anywhere else on any other day is categorically false and there is no evidence, no text message no email no phone record and no witness to the contrary.”

Except there is.

It’s also been reported that Stone was present at Willard Hotel on Jan. 5th with former Trump attorney, Rudy Giuliani. Both were holding so-called “War Rooms” to strategize for January 6.

Stone used the encrypted app Telegram to communicate with the far-right White nationalist group, The Oath Keepers, and its leader Stewart Rhodes, who acted as his “security.” Rhodes is currently in jail, charged with seditious conspiracy. Multiple members of the right-wing militia have confirmed their involvement the insurrection in their plea agreements.

According to a source close to Oath Keeper Brian Ulrich:

“Mr. Ulrich traveled to Washington primarily to provide security to Roger Stone. I would submit to you that, if Roger Stone had gone on an additional speaking engagement on January 6, it’s unlikely that Mr. Ulrich would have gone to the Capitol at all.”

The Washington Post also reported that after the Capitol breach, Stone sought blanket pardons for himself, those in Congress considered Trump allies, and the “America First” movement. The pardons were opposed by then-White House counsel Pat Cipollone, who Stone says “Clearly Cipollone f—ed everybody.”

On the day of Biden’s inauguration, Stone – in a call – called Trump a “disgrace,” saying his former boss “betrayed everybody,” and called for Trump’s impeachment.

It looks like the onion is being peeled, revealing Stone’s central role in the Jan. 6 attempted coup. Hopefully, the new footage from filmmakers Rink and Escandon will get us one step closer to seeing Stone and Alexander held accountable for their part in trying to destroy this country’s democracy.

View the trailer for the documentary here.

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