February 1, 2023

ROUNDUP: All across the country protests against the Supreme Court ruling drew thousands

ROUNDUP: All across the nation protests against Supreme Court ruling draw thousands

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When 85% of Americans strongly disagree with the Supreme Court ruling that overturned Roe v Wade — and consequently stripped women of their bodily autonomy — it’s no surprise to see massive protests erupt to condemn the regressive decision that disrespects 50 years of precedent.


Social media was filled with video footage and photos of protests across the country, from large metropolises to small towns. in blue states and in red ones, attended by women and their male allies, all filled with rage and anger at the six conservative justices whose opinions will supersede their own convictions in one of the most important human rights issues facing America today.

Here is a small sampling of the social media posts showing the action on the ground at protests nationwide.

In New York City, the protests were too large to be confined to one location. A huge crowd mobbed Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village.

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Overflow crowds also packed the city’s Union Square.

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In Washington D.C., Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and other elected officials joined the protests.

Across the country in Los Angeles, massive crowds turned up downtown to denounce the Dobbs decision.

Protestors even shut down the 101 freeway for a brief period by pouring into the lanes of the highway.

Nearby Long Beach had its own massive demonstration.

Here’s the demonstration at Federal Plaza in Chicago:

It wasn’t just the largest cities that saw large crowds protesting the sudden theft of Women’s rights. Here are a few posts from Texas.

Tennessee had strong representation as well.

Phoenix, Flagstaff, and Tuscon, Arizona:

Rochester, NY:

Cities and towns across Wisconsin:

In the red state of South Carolina,  scuffles broke out between protestors and police in Greenville.

North Carolina showed up too, with even small groups in small towns displaying their anger.

Des Moines, Iowa:

Both Portland, Oregon and Portland, Maine were represented:


Columbus, Ohio’s mayor even posted footage of the protests in his city.:

Boise, Idaho is perhaps not as totally conservative as you may have thought.

Athens. Georgia:

Indianapolis, Indiana:

Reno, Nevada:

Perhaps the single most impressive act of protest came from activist Guido Reichstad in Washington D.C who scaled the Frederick Douglas Memorial Bridge in the city to bring attention to the cause.

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For all the footage contained in this article, it is just a drop in the bucket as many other cities hosted their own local protests.

The response of the protestors is almost enough to give back the hope for our nation that the actions of the conservative majority on the Supreme Court took away with their insidious ruling.

Let’s hope that the massive turnout across the country inspires politicians to enact legislation that will blunt the effects of the Court’s Dobbs decision as soon as possible.

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