February 1, 2023

BAD COMPANY: Kari Lake advisor slammed for posting violent threats against SCOTUS protestors

BAD COMPANY: Kari Lake advisor slammed for posting violent threats against SCOTUS protestors

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Colton Duncan, a consultant to the Arizona GOP candidate for Governor, Kari Lake, has called for abortion rights protesters to be shot. Duncan went on an unhinged, hate-filled tirade on social media referring to pro-choice advocates as “depraved animals” and urging people to “arm themselves” and “shoot to kill.” This is just the latest outburst in a week filled with homophobic and bigoted statements.


A few days earlier, Duncan referred to anti-abortion protesters as “ugly”, and said, “no one wants anything to do with your uterus.”

After the Supreme Court officially overturned Roe v. Wade on Friday, Duncan – in a tactless move – took a dig at Christine Blasey Ford. Ford had accused Justice Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault, writing a confidential letter in 2018 with the hopes of preventing his appointment to the bench of the Supreme Court. The letter leaked, and Ford’s personal information with it – forcing her to go public with her allegations and testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Blasey Ford’s assault happened over 30 years earlier but was — and is still — relevant. Her story resonated with many women and prompted calls for Kavanaugh’s dismissal from consideration, calls which were unfortunately ignored by the Senate Republicans intent on ramming his nomination through.

Duncan, however, took the Roe decision as an opportunity to remind us of the pettiness and cruelty that is today’s GOP.

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Maybe Duncan feels Kavanaugh is a kindred spirit, seeing as Kavanaugh’s defense against the allegations was “I like beer.” Apparently, so does Colton Duncan – who five years ago was arrested for DUI when he was a student at Texas State University in Austin, TX. According to KENS5in addition to being under the influence – he’d had two 16 oz beers and a Jager bomb – Duncan was in possession of marijuana and three Vyvanse pills.

The political strategist seems to be right at home with his boss. Both he and Lake share the same disgusting attitude towards the LGBTQ+ community. On the same day as the Blasey Ford tweet, he lamented the celebration of Pride Month in a tweet that was deleted after the initial publication of this story.

It was recently reported that Lake’s anti-LGBTQ stance is a stark reversal for her compared to a few years ago when she was a regular at gay bars and drag shows. Even inviting them to her home to perform, according to her longtime former friend Rick Stevens – aka Barbra Seville, who outed the hypocritical gubernatorial candidate after anti-LGBTQ rhetoric equating drag queens with pedophiles.

From everything we’ve seen here, it looks like Colton Duncan and Kari Lake are a match made in GOP hell.

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Ty Ross

News journalist for Washington Press and Occupy Democrats.

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