January 29, 2023

REVENGE: Here’s how Donald Trump tried to throw Mike Pence under the bus with evangelicals

REVENGE: Here's how Donald Trump tried to throw Mike Pence under the bus with evangelicals

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Disgraced former president Donald Trump wasted no time berating former Vice President Mike Pence at the annual Faith and Freedom Conference in Nashville, Tennessee on Friday. Notably absent, was Mr. Evangelical himself — Mîke Pence, who chose to attend an uneventful round table with Governor Mike DeWine in Ohio instead.


Trump told the crowd that “Mike Pence had a chance to be great. He had a chance, quite frankly, to be historic. Mike did not have the courage to act.” He compared Pence to Thomas Jefferson, who Trump falsely claimed ‘stole’ the state of Georgia when Jefferson was VP.

Aaron Rupar tweeted:

Pence, a devout Evangelical, is a veteran of the faith-based conference. But his decision not to violate the constitution — and break the law — in Trump’s illegal bid to overturn the 2020 election results has soured the view of him in the eyes of his once faithful flock.

Mary Obersteadt, the former President of Nashville Republican Women and a woman adorned with bejeweled Trump and DeSantis pins, has lost faith in Pence, saying, per POLITICO:

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“I was such a big fan of his but that part of the Republican Party is the educational elites – the old horses are on their way out. I respect him for what he did and how he served this nation but he’s so disappointing when he – he should have communicated and stayed with Trump with Jan. 6, they should have been on the same level.”

Almost as shocking as Pence’s absence from the event was the list of attendees. These ranged from Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) to Senator Rick Scott (R-FL) to the former UN ambassador and serial political candidate failure Nikki Haley. Not exactly a ‘who’s who of the GOP.

But the flip-flopping, go-wherever-the-win- blows Senator, Lindsey Graham (R-SC), did his characteristical kiss-ass move and sucked up to Trump — the man whom Graham admitted to the crowd that he is “afraid” of.

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The Recount on Twitter:

The day before this conference attended by almost everyone except Pence (even former Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos made a speech), damning testimony and supporting video revealed the real and credible danger posed to Mike Pence’s life on January 6th. The pressure Trump’s then-attorney John Eastman heaped on Pence to reject states’ electors and cooperate with the known coup attempt, was extraordinary — and illegal.

After Thursday’s testimony, if Pence decided to decline to attend an event with King Coup — a man who was caught on audio saying those who wanted to hang his second in command were “on to something” — out of fear, it’s definitely a fear that is warranted.

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