December 7, 2022

BLINDERS: Texas AG Ken Paxton picks Elon Musk over Uvalde in useless investigation

BLINDERS: Texas AG Ken Paxton picks Elon Musk over Uvalde in useless investigation

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Texas AG Ken Paxton has proven once again that to him billionaire lives matter – and those of Texans don’t. While parents and loved ones of the Uvalde, Texas mass shooting on May 19th were burying their kids – Paxton announced an investigation into fake Twitter accounts on Twitter:


It is a not-so-appropriate use of the indicted Attorney General’s time…and Texas taxpayer dollars.

Musk’s claims that Twitter refused to provide information on the number of “bot” controlled accounts on the app were refuted and debunked in an ongoing class-action suit by the platform’s shareholders. In the case of Heresniak v. Musk, the plaintiff  “accuses Musk of making false statements and market manipulation,” for making —  and tweeting — accusations alleged to be in bad faith.

Dating back to 2014, Paxton has been under watch. An investigation was launched to see if the corrupt AG was being paid by outside firms to act in their interest. His own campaign said:

‘Paxton’s campaign launches an internal review to determine whether he had broken any laws. Soon after, the Texas State Securities Board reprimands Paxton for soliciting investment clients without being registered. He is fined $1,000 and signs a disciplinary order without disputing its findings.’

Paxton was indicted for securities fraud and subject to a bribery investigation prompted by those in his own office.

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Under multiple investigations, Ken Paxton has spent years and millions of taxpayer dollars chasing frivolous suits. Since Texas was ordered by a judge to reform the state’s foster care system, the indicted Texas adjudicator has fought all things right and decent at every turn. The Texas Ethics Commission ruled against him – as did the SEC. According to The Texas Tribune, the SEC charges were dismissed, but the state charges remained.

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But. despite power grid failures, blowback from the state’s draconian anti-abortion laws, and the mass shootings in Sutherland Springs, Santa Fe, El Paso, and Uvalde – Paxton has chosen to use his position of power to persecute the fake over prosecuting actual crimes.

One might say this is a distraction from the upcoming televised January 6th hearings. Paxton tried – and failed – to throw out the election results of Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan in an unsubstantiated lawsuit after Biden was confirmed as the duly elected president

In addition, to be actively involved in attempts to override the votes of the 81 million who voted for President Biden, Paxton has dodged accountability for his own corruption and complicity. This latest stunt further proves that Texan’s lives don’t matter to the Texas AG Ken Paxton, Unfortunately, only those of billionaires do.

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Ty Ross

News journalist for Washington Press and Occupy Democrats.

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