February 8, 2023

PROFESSIONAL TROLL: How Marjorie Taylor Greene has squandered her time in Congress

ON EMPTY: QAnon congresswoman's embarrassing amendment vote fail

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The reputation of Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) precedes her – and none of it’s good. Since the Qanon congresswoman was sworn in, she’s been a constant headline. Or a punchline, depending on the day.


Less than 18 months into her first – and hopefully last – term, Greene may, or may not have been involved in an attempted coup, was stripped of her committee assignments, permanently banned from Twitter for spreading COVID-19 misinformation, and subject to a lawsuit brought by voters seeking to ban her running for office for her believed role in the Capitol insurrection.

The one thing she hasn’t done is pass legislation. Or served the constituents of Georga’s 14th district. Instead, she’s spent the bulk of her tenure as the running joke of late-night TV hosts. And the butt of jokes on Twitter. For things like reporting the host of Late Night with Jimmy Kimmel to the Capitol Police over a joke:

Or comparing Covid-19 to Cancer:

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But as much as people seem to enjoy poking fun at Marjorie Taylor Greene, her behavior isn’t always funny. At times, it’s unabashed bullying, terrifying, and scary. A video surfaced in 2021 of Greene harassing young David Hogg, a survivor of the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida, just weeks after the 2018 shooting left 17 dead. Her vile behavior was a good indication that she wasn’t playing with a full deck. One of the victim’s parents, Fred Guttenberg, posted this video on Twitter:

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Outside of conspiracy theory circles, few had heard the name Marjorie Taylor Greene – until she ran for office, anyway. Then she was front and center. And not for the right reasons. Less than a month after taking her congressional oath on Jan. 3rd, 2021, Greene was called into the “principal’s” office for a meeting with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy to address Greene’s past and present rhetoric and actions. After spreading Covid and vaccine disinformation, and her believed involvement in the Jan. 6th insurrection, there were calls for the controversial congresswoman’s removal.

When a convening of the Steering Committee — the group headed by McCarthy that decides what committees a representative is appointed to or removed from – failed to strip Greene of her duties, the House Dems did it for them.

But Greene didn’t seem to care. She amped up the crazy by embarking on a state-by-state white nationalism tour with fellow congressman Matt Gaetz (R-FL) deemed the “America First” tour, raising money, promoting Covid disinformation, and spreading the Big Lie…and little else. If cameras were rolling, you could be sure Greene was front and center, ready to soak up the attention and make a fool of herself in the process.

The congresswoman blamed the 2018 California wildfires on Jewish Space Lasers, and went on a widely ridiculed rant about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s “Gazpacho Police.” One would assume she meant Gestapo, but with Greene, you can never be too sure. The Republican Accountability Project tweeted:

And who can forget Greene — along with her partner-in-embarrassment Lauren Boebert (R-CO) — heckling President Biden during his State of the Union address? Reaching what would turn out to be a new low for congressional trolling – but definitely not the lowest she’d go.

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Just recently during an episode of her Facebook show MTGLive, Greene would talk about meat being grown in “peach tree’ dishes, and warn of being “zapped” inside one’s body.

“They want to know if you’re eating a cheeseburger, which is very bad because Bill Gates wants you to eat his fake meat, which grows in a peach tree dish. So you’ll probably get a little zap inside your body that’s saying, ‘No no don’t eat a real cheeseburger; you need to eat the fake burger.’ The fake meat from Bill Gates. They probably also want to know when you go to the bathroom and if your bowel movements are on time or consistent.”

Booted off her committees barely a month after taking her oath, Greene has managed to fill her time, wasting ours: filing four motions, in two weeks, to adjourn the House; forcing her colleagues to return to the chamber and vote on it each time; introducing bills and resolutions to Fire Fauci, award Kyle Rittenhouse a Congressional Gold Medal and four – yes, four – bills to impeach President Biden. CNN reported, that in Greene’s first year a quarter of the bills she introduced were dedicated to impeaching the duly elected POTUS.

Unfortunately, what was originally believed to be an act, seems to be all too real. It appears that Greene, like a toddler, will do anything for attention. Even if it makes her, the district she represents, and the country look bad. If only her constituents knew before they voted for her that instead of a congressperson, they’d be getting a caricature. And a meme.

Original reporting by Jared Holt at The Sh!t Post

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