February 8, 2023

FACE OFF: PA GOP Senate candidate Kathy Barnette CONFRONTS Donald Trump with his election loss

FACE OFF: PA GOP Senate candidate Kathy Barnette CONFRONTS Donald Trump with his election loss

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U.S. Senate hopeful Kathy Barnette has pushed back on Donald Trump after the former president attacked her candidacy – and electability – in the press, saying that he thinks that Dr. Mehmet Oz, “will do best in the general election” and that Barnette “will never win” in a matchup with Democrats.


“People don’t know her. She hasn’t been properly vetted. She ran for Congress fairly recently, and she lost by about 20 points,” Trump told The Washington Post.

A pro-Dr. Oz super PAC launched this attack ad titled “Crazy Kathy”:


Barnett hit back. Admitting that she did lose her 2020 bid for Congress by 19 points, she not so kindly reminded Trump that she still wound up seven points ahead of his own loss in the district.

“I lost by 19 points, Donald Trump lost by more than 26 points. Who’s less electable with those numbers?” Barnette questioned Trump’s logic and math skills.

“Contrary to the left, President Trump does not have a cult of followers. We never aligned ours with President Trump; President Trump aligned his values with us,” Barnette claimed.

Ouch! In all fairness to Trump, she must haven’t seen the new MAGA King art.

Barnette supported Donald Trump in the 2020 election and pushed the Big Lie after 81 million voters gave him the boot. Though Barnette previously denied being at the Capitol on January 6th, NBC News confirmed that pictures of the Black conservative marching amongst a known white supremacist group are legitimate.

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Barnette experienced a late and unexpected surge in the polls early last week, closing the gap between her and the top two candidates for the Republican nomination for the open Senate seat, Dr. Mehmet Oz — whom Trump endorsed — and businessman David McCormick. While he was previously focused on attacking David McCormick, Trump quickly turned his attention to Barnette.

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His desperate attempts to unnerve the contender have seemingly done little to bother the insurgent candidate. Barnette has the endorsement of fellow Jan. 6th attendee, proud insurrectionist, and GOP gubernatorial frontrunner, Doug Mastriano, who continues to claim that the 2020 presidential election was stolen. While his politics make it unsurprising that he was endorsed by Trump, Mastriano’s failure to endorse Trump’s pick, Dr. Oz, has caused a schism in the Pennsylvania GOP.

Barnette is also reported to have a “close” relationship with Trump shill, Mike Lindell. Moreover, the pardoned criminal Steve Bannon has referred to Barnette as an “audience favorite.”

After spending a paltry $200,000 on her campaign – almost nothing compared to the $40 million mud-slinging fests between McCormick and Oz – Barnette’s financial situation changed drastically when the Republican super PAC The Club for Growth booked $2 million worth of ads in her name. While stopping short of explicitly endorsing the controversial candidate, The Club for Growth did get this video ad circulating on social media:

If the Club for Growth sounds familiar, in 2021 they announced support for  Ohio Senate candidate Josh Mandel, launching attack ads against Trump-endorsed J.D. Vance in 2022 that pointed out Vance’s criticism of Trump during the 2016 presidential race.

Though their candidate failed to win in that case, the PAC typically boasts an 80% success rate.

Barnette has come under fire for her anti-Muslim and anti-LGBTQ rhetoric which has made establishment Republicans like Mitch McConnell wary, fearing she is too extreme to beat a centrist and popular Democratic opponent.

And then there’s January 6th. Barnette claims to have left, telling Fox New’s Special Report that “We walked and sang songs, and then we got on our bus and left and came back home.”

The attacks from her detractors don’t appear to faze Barnette.

Trump sent out a series of robocalls attacking the opponent of his favored candidate, Dr. Oz.

Special Report played a snippet during their interview with Barnette saying that she “wanted to build a statue of Barak Hussein Obama and attacked the father of our country, George Washington. That’s no good.”

Kathy Barnette simply called the attacks “unfortunate.” Trump seems to have forgotten Barnette’s negative statements about the 44th President’s religion and political loyalties:

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Whoever wins or loses, it’s MAGA eats MAGA. Which in any case, is a win-win.

Let’s hope that whichever extremist candidate wins the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate candidate, they are defeated in a landslide by whoever wins the Democratic primary.

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