January 29, 2023

REVEALED: PA GOP Senate primary candidate Kathy Barnette caught marching on Jan 6th with Proud Boys

REVEALED: PA GOP Senate primary candidate Kathy Barnette caught marching on Jan 6th with Proud Boys

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The already highly-contentious Pennsylvania Republican senatorial primary contest was thrown into further disarray today with the disclosure that Kathy Barnette — the “Ultra-MAGA” candidate recently surging in the polls — marched on January 6th, 2021 from the “stop the Steal” rally towards the U.S. capitol alongside a group of men later verified to be members of the Proud Boys.


Running for the GOP nomination against the Trump-endorsed celebrity TV doctor, Mehmet Oz and the former hedge fund executive, David McCormick, the far-right Barnette has positioned herself as the only true MAGA candidate in the race with populist roots in the state and a real “America First” agenda.

With Dr. Oz’s tenuous ties to the state that he’s running to represent (despite actually living in New Jersey) and McCormick’s taint of Wall Street elitism, Barnette has emerged as the dark-horse candidate who could pull off an upset as big as Rich Strike, the underdog 80-1 winner of the Kentucky Derby.

The revelation of her participation in the January 6th march — even though there is no evidence that Barnette ever actually entered the Capitol Building with the Proud Boys — could affect the closely watched Republican Party primary, although it’s uncertain, given her base of right-wing extremists, whether it would hurt or help her candidacy.

Barnette’s participation in the march alongside the Proud Boys was first posted to Twitter by writer Chad Loder.

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Loder’s investigatory work was quickly verified by NBC News which also managed to get a response from Barnette’s campaign about the new discovery of her marching partners.

No connection, outside of marching alongside them, it seems.

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NBC News quoted Barnette expressing her feelings about the January 6th insurrection, and they are about as outrageous as one would expect from someone sitting far to the right of Donald Trump’s endorsed candidate.

“I feel about January 6, the way the left feels about the summer of 2020 when you have Black Lives Matter and Antifa and other groups out there looting and robbing and everyone was calling it mostly peaceful protests,” Barnette told NBC News in an interview.

The Justice Department’s record of convictions and guilty pleas surrounding the invasion of the Capitol Building suggests otherwise.

Luckily, the public only needs to await the outcome of tomorrow’s Pennsylvania primary election to find out whether the last-minute revelation about Barnette will help or hurt her chances of a victory and a subsequent major embarrassment for Donald Trump if Dr. Oz is defeated.

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