UNSUITABLE: Economist slammed for comments on Zelensky’s speech to Congress

UNSUITABLE: Economist slammed for comments on Zelensky's speech to Congress

Ever since Vladimir Putin decided to strut his manhood on the global stage with the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the leader of the target country of his evil ambitions, President Volodymyr Zelensky, has become an icon of bravery, perseverance, and heroic patriotism for his country as Moscow’s missiles rain down upon innocent Ukrainian civilians.

Zelensky’s status as a man willing and able to rise up to the occasion in the worst of times was cemented with his powerful address to the United States Congress last night, which earned him a standing ovation from almost all of the assembled American legislators, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) being a notable exception.

Yes, there are still a few right-wing outliers so caught up in admiration for Zelensky’s detestable foe, Vladimir Putin, that they feel the need to be seen attacking a man that the rest of the nation admires greatly for his heroism and courage as he leads his nation suffering so from the violence brought to their doorsteps by Russia.

How else could one explain this offensive tweet posted by Peter Schiff, the Chief Economist and Global Strategist for the Euro Pacific Capital investment fund, that pillories the Ukrainian president for having the audacity to wear a T-shirt while addressing the U.S. Congress instead of changing into a suit and tie while living and working in a city under active aerial bombardment by the Russian military?

Schiff’s pettiness contrasted strongly with the almost universal praise that Zelenksy’s speech received from the majority of members of Congress from both sides of the political aisle, and his tweet engendered many strong negative reactions in the comments that followed it.




It seems like the only one who cares about President Zelenksy’s sartorial appropriateness is Peter Schiff who is being called out mercilessly for the perceived stupidity of his comments.

Who in their right mind would invest with a man like this? Unfortunately, there are plenty of right-wing ideologues who place individual financial gains over principles like human rights, so it’s unlikely that Schiff will face any consequences for his despicable fashion critique of President Zelensky.

Luckily, Congress didn’t seem to mind and are poised to send additional military aid to Ukraine in the aftermath of Zelensky’s casually-dressed speech

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