September 28, 2022

WATCH: Trump tells rally goers that he’ll pardon Jan 6th rioters if elected in 2024

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Donald Trump hasn’t even officially declared himself a candidate for the Republican nomination for the 2024v presidential race, but he’s already promising to pardon those of his supporters who violently invaded the Capitol in last year’s January 6th insurrection.


That vow was among a host of other outrageous statements that the former president made during his latest ego-stoking pep rally in Conroe, Texas last night.

In his post-White House rallies, Trump has developed a fairly standardized schtick replete with a litany of familiar grievances and hackneyed attacks on his designated enemies, and last night’s event did not disappoint either his gullible supporters or those who watch his antics for the pure entertainment value of witnessing a particularly gruesome trainwreck.

Here’s a sampling of some of the lowlights of Trump’s speech at his Texas rally.

Obviously feeling the heat of the multiple state and federal investigations circling his allegedly criminal behavior, Trump vowed to retaliate with Benghazi-style witchhunts of the Biden administration once the GOP retakes control of Congress — a potent reminder of the importance of not allowing that to ever happen again.

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Having presided over a disastrous response to the COVID pandemic in its initial phases, Trump is the last person anyone should turn to for advice on how to manage public health, but his delusional take on the relative number of his supporters versus those who have retained their sanity in this national crisis displays his total immersion in the bubble of his own propaganda, as does his self-assessment of his term in office.

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With his oft-declared support and excuses for the violent insurrectionists who invaded the Capitol, Trump’s hypocritical law and order message seemingly only applies to social justice protestors who think that Black lives matter.

For all his “thin blue-line” rhetoric praising police, Trump had quite a different message for another branch of the justice system, prosecutors.

After the crowd nostalgically chanted about locking up Hillary Clinton — a woman who has survived every unwarranted GOP investigation into her activities without a shred of evidence of illegal activity and has little political profile in 2022 — Trump moved on to setting up the next big insurrection, one tied directly to his own potential prosecution.

Trump’s most egregious statement of the evening was his repudiation of the legitimacy of the American justice system, as displayed by his vow to pardon January 6th insurrectionists — whom he claims have been treated “unfairly”—  if he were to be re-elected in 2024.

While it may be tempting to dismiss Trump’s lunatic ravings as the pathetic mewlings of a fading incipient autocrat, unless Trump is prosecuted and punished for his role in attempting to illegally overturn the validated outcome of the 2020 election, America’s democracy is in grave peril.

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If that warning is interpreted as the progressive equivalent of the “lock her up” chants bleated by Trump’s followers, so be it.

In Donald Trump’s case, the chants are truly deserved.

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Original reporting by Aaron Rupar at Substack and by Acyn on Twitter.

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