September 24, 2022

Marco Rubio rants against universities as hotbeds of “social Marxism” teaching

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Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) wants America’s schools to turn out obedient and compliant worker bees, not independent thinkers.


It’s difficult to interpret the comments he made on Fox & Friends this morning any other way.

Rubio made his remarks while on an extended rant against “social justice” and the fact that some school curriculums are now providing a more nuanced view of the roles that slavery, race relations, and Native American genocide have played during the course of American history than the literally white-washed narrative that was the norm until recent years.

“That’s what they call ‘social justice.’ That’s the brand and that’s the name they’ve created for it,”  Rubio began, without specifying exactly who the “they” might be.

“But what it really is, is it’s neo-Marxism. What it really is is cultural Marxism. It is another way to tear apart capitalism and the American way of life,” the Florida Senator asserted.

While the vast majority of Fox & Friends viewers likely wouldn’t be able to tell a Marxist dialectic from an electric stove, Senator Rubio’s invocation of the specter of Marxist-derived Communism is designed to monger as much fear among the Fox News viewers as it does with his homegrown constituency of anti-Castro Cuban exiles that helped him get elected in the state where so many of them settled after leaving their socialist homeland.

Fox & Friends host Steve Doocy, apparently hoping to move the segment along, interjected to ask whether the senator was OK with “that school in your state doing that.”

Rubio fervently rejected the idea of social justice being part of the coursework in Florida schools and universities and instead offered his own vision of how the educational system should work.

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“Here’s what I think we should be teaching people at universities,” he proclaimed. I think we should be teaching them engineering. I think we should be teaching them  biology. I think we should be teaching them science, engineering, math, other technological fields. I think we should be teaching people the skills they need to find a good paying job and contribute to their communities, their family, and their country in the 21st-century.

“That’s why we have universities. That’s why we have college degrees. Not to train…ak-uh-uh-uh,” Rubio stumbled over his words, “a generation of cultural Marxist activists, but to train people so they can go out and find jobs that are good for them, good for their families and good for the country.”

“That’s why we do this. And why we should be subsidizing, why the American taxpayer, why the Florida’s taxpayers, should be subsidizing teaching our young students how to hate America, how to hate everything about our history, how to divide and hate one another, how our identiy is not American, but the color of our skin. Why we should be spending taxpayer money to teach these things which are destructive, not to mention untrue, is beyond me,” the Florida senator continued.

“I don’t understand why that is happening, and I hope it’s corrected,” Rubio concluded.

While Rubio’s corporate donors may salivate at the idea of universities as an assembly line of trained bodies skilled only in the particular task that fits their ideas of productivity and societal value, his narrow-minded stance rejects the entire concept of a liberal arts education that teaches its students how to think independently, how to write, and how to become well-rounded individuals with a grasp of both the history of society’s intellectual development and how it applies to the modern world — all skills that presumably will then allow those who absorb the template for approaching any issue that confronts them to use rational thought and reason to prosper in whatever task or profession that they choose.

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Senator Rubio’s vision of universities as vocational factories churning out robotic armies of drone workers taught only the specific skills that they may need to be useful to corporate oligarchs — along with a steady diet of supposedly patriotic propaganda — will stifle creativity, the arts, and the kind of innovation that made America great to begin with.

While one may be tempted to ignore the Florida senator’s fear-mongering campaigning for his next electoral bid, unfortunately their are too many other GOP policiticans who think exactly like Rubio.

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We must actively fight against destructive ideas like those presented by Rubio and his like-minded GOP colleagues and ensure that truth, not political expediency, rules in our nation’s educational insitutions.

You can watch an excerpt of Senator Marco Rubio’s appearance on Fox & Friends this morning in the video clip below.

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Vinnie Longobardo

is the Managing Editor of Washington Press and a 35-year veteran of the TV, mobile, & internet industries, specializing in start-ups and the international media business. His passions are politics, music, and art.

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