August 11, 2022

“Fight till the death” — Former GOP Senator forced to walk back unfortunate words

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Republicans are still fighting against an independent commission to investigate the insurrection of January 6th, but at least one former GOP Senator told CNN this morning that he’d be happy to serve on a commission set up to study the Capitol invasion designed to prevent the certification of Joe Biden’s election.


Unfortunately, Scott Brown, the former Republican Senator from Massachusetts and Donald Trump’s ambassador to New Zealand, used an extremely poor choice of words as he tried to explain the expansive vision that he has for the future of the GOP in the wake of their Trump-led loss of both the White House and the Senate in the last election.

“Well, I believe we need to be a big tent party, like President Reagan said,” Brown said. “We can fight till the death if we have to.”

A battle to the end of life is perhaps not the best metaphor given the context of a discussion of a commission probing the causes and circumstances of a riot that left five people dead in support of Trump’s lies about the election being stolen through massive fraud, lies that to this day lack a shred of evidence to support his claims.

Even Brown quickly realized the implications of his turn of phrase as he rapidly pivoted to make sure that viewers wouldn’t take his enthusiastic call for a tremendous effort in the struggle to advance GOP values as an endorsement of the type of activities that led to the calls for a commission to investigate the violent insurrection.

“Obviously, I’m not serious,” Brown quickly caught himself, “but we can fight tooth and nail, like Tip O’Neill and Ronald Reagan did. they fought by day, but by night they grabbed a scotch, played some cards and solved our country’s problems. We’re all Americans first, we’re are not just Democrats and Republicans.”

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Brown’s nostalgic longing contained in his whitewashed memories of the political environment of the 1980s — referring to figures that most of the 21st-century electorate recalls only dimly if it all — seems quaint in a modern era when bipartisanship lies on the bottom of an ocean of animosity and distrust after striking an iceberg of self-interested power-grabbing and naked ambition.

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Still, if one is trying to telegraph one’s availability as a nominee to a commission that the vast majority of current Republican lawmakers oppose, perhaps framing the differences of opinion with Democrats as a fight to the death is not the best way to pitch your bipartisan credentials.

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With his poor choice of words, Scott Brown seems to have managed to paint himself as too partisan to be acceptable to Democrats and not partisan enough for GOP lawmakers eager to escape any accountability for the violent invasion of Congress on behalf of their presidential candidate.

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You can watch the footage of Scott Brown inserting his foot squarely in his mouth in the video below.

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Original reporting by Travis Gettys at RawStory.

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