August 11, 2022

Defense attorney holds press conference about Greenberg, Gaetz, and the new plea bargain

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The attorney for Joel Greenberg, the Republican Seminole County, Florida tax collector whose now-admitted sexual antics with minors has cast suspicion on the involvement of Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-FL), held a press conference this morning after his client accepted a plea bargain deal from federal prosecutors for the multiple criminal charges lodged against him.


With the acceptance of a plea deal, Greenberg is now expected to fully cooperate with prosecutors and implicate others, suspected to include other powerful political figures in the Sunshine State along with his close pal, Rep. Gaetz.

Fritz Scheller, the Greenberg lawyer who raised eyebrows with his comment last month when negotiations for the plea agreement were in full swing that “I am sure Matt Gaetz is not feeling very comfortable today,” was slightly more circumspect in his words at today’s press conference after the court appearance to accept the plea bargain.

When asked about his client’s cooperation with investigators and how it may affect the right-wing congressman, Scheller deferred comment to Gaetz’s own attorneys.

“Last time we talked I had a certain agenda, which I accomplished,” Scheller told reporters. apparently referring to the successful agreement for Greenberg. “This time I will leave that up to Matt Gaetz’s attorneys to answer.”

The attorney did vow that his client would “honor” the agreement he made and fully cooperate with federal investigators.

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Scheller also predicted that a sentencing hearing will take place this summer, implying that actions related to the information Greenberg supplies to prosecutors will be taken before that time.

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The attorney insists that his client is “feeling a sense of remorse” for his past actions which include his admitted introduction of a minor to other adult men who subsequently engaged in sex acts with the minor in Greenberg’s presence in exchange for cash and gifts.

As far as Congressman Gaetz goes, he has yet to admit to the allegations much less express remorse for his behavior.

For his part, Fritz Scheller wasn’t very helpful to the reporters trying to determine whether an indictment of Rep. Gaetz is imminent.

Asked about his contacts with lawyers for other elected officials beyond Greenberg, Scheller would only admit to having had conversations without specifying who he had been speaking with. When asked specifically whether his client has information that could “hurt and elected official,” he answered only “You’ll just have to wait and see.”

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With Greenberg’s attorney unwilling to divulge exactly whom his client’s testimony might implicate, his advice of patience while we wait for the fallout of today’s plea bargain deal to manifest may be the only option available.

For those of us looking for at least one Republican to face accountability for their crimes while in office, the wait will be unbearable.

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Original reporting by The Recount.

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