September 28, 2022

Trump fans the flames of GOP civil war with inflammatory statement about “corruption”

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There is a civil war currently raging within the Republican Party between those who want to reject Trumpism, an admittedly small group led by Rep. Liz Cheney (WI), and those who want to remain loyal to Donald Trump. The latter group, led by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA) and House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (LA), seems as if it’s gearing up to oust Cheney from her position as the 3rd-ranking member in GOP leadership.


The rift is simple. Cheney, for all of her deep political flaws, refuses to move on from Trump’s lies that the election was stolen and the resulting January 6th insurrection. She rightfully blames Trump for inciting the deadly siege and has stated that closing ranks around him and his lies about the election will be harmful to the GOP and American democracy.

Those who want to remain on the MAGA train likely have no genuine loyalty to Donald Trump—and some like McCarthy even condemned his role in the insurrection before backtracking—they just recognize the fact that the base is still in love with him, making him a powerful fundraising and campaigning tool. It all comes down to cynical opportunism. In order for their calculated play to work though, they need to move on from Trump’s lies that Biden stole the election; something the disgraced former president is unwilling to let them do.

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Today, Trump released his umpteenth mendacious statement about the election. He whined that Biden “miraculously” won the state of Michigan, implying mass fraud. He made similar claims about Wisconsin and made some oblique reference to “corruption.”

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“Where did these votes come from?” the former president stupidly asked in his statement. The answer is obvious: the votes came from voters. The details of the statement don’t particularly matter. They’re more of the same, misinformation once again chewed up and regurgitated for the idiotic chirping birds that compose the MAGA flock.

No evidence of mass voter fraud has been found because none exists. By continuing to insist that victory was unfairly stolen from him Trump continues to weaken our democracy, but he also makes it impossible for his party to move on. There’s not telling what the final tally of the damage will look like.

Robert Haffey

Robert Haffey is a political writer, filmmaker, and winner of the ScreenCraft Writing Fellowship. He is a graduate of Drexel University.

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