September 28, 2022

Mike Pompeo’s “gender confusion” blasted by social media in sexuality scandal

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Donald Trump has been notorious for many things, but one rhetorical device that he often employed in his public speeches was long and rambling stories where he told tales of various people addressing him as “sir.”


These stories invariably bore the hallmarks of fictional scenarios that existed only in the unhinged mind of the former president and became a “tell” for listeners that Trump was about to embark on another of his infamous lie-fests.

Now it seems that another former member of Trump’s administration was a talented student of his boss’s deceptive story-telling technique.

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who served as Trump’s CIA Director before ascending to the nation’s top diplomatic position, posted a story on Twitter that was much in the mold of the ex-president’s speeches, lacking only the tell-tale feature of being called “sir” to distinguish it from one of Trump’s own quotes.

One key factor in determining whether anything that Pompeo was actually ever uttered by a real human being rather than being conjured up in his own imagination is the confusion between sexuality and gender as expressed in the supposed quote of Pompeo’s female analyst.

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Reaction to Pompeo’s shaggy dog story on social media indicated that not many people were suckered into believing the former CIA Director’s claimed quote from his underling.

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The thing about supporting Donald Trump and his lies of a stolen election is that it’s extremely difficult to have anyone believe a word you say about anything else afterward.

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If Mike Pompeo wants to regain his credibility, he would have to renounce Trump and his lies first.

Of course, as the GOP’s reaction to Congresswoman Liz Cheney demonstrates, Pompeo would likely be exiled from the Republican Party if he did that, so don’t hold your breath waiting for that repudiation.

Instead, just take anything that you hear Mike Pompeo saying and place it directly in the trash bin where it belongs.

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