May 20, 2022

Jen Psaki gives the perfect response to journalist’s question on Trump’s Facebook account

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White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has developed a reputation for effortlessly and effectively handling whatever “gotcha” questions that members of the right-wing media throw her way in her daily press briefings.


Usually, her approach consists of a carefully reasoned rebuttal of the underlying premise of the question being proffered that gently rebukes the journalist asking the loaded question while effortlessly pointing out the inanity of the query.

Despite the skill and craft that goes into her deft handling of the fourth estate, however, sometimes Psaki only needs a single word to respond to a question and accomplish the same effects that her more detailed explanations usually result in.

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Take her monosyllabic response to a reporter at today’s briefing after he asked about what President Biden’s response would be if Facebook reinstates his seditious predecessor Donald Trump to the platform as the company’s independent board of advisors prepares to announce a decision on the matter tomorrow.

“This week Facebook is going to decide whether or not to reinstate Donald Trump’s accounts on Facebook and Instagram. If he is reinstated, is there any change in strategy that the White House would put in messaging? In other words, if he’s on these platforms pressing his views, does that change what you do at all?” the unidentified journalist asked.

It was a question that presumed that the Biden administration is more concerned about defensive political games than governing the country and repairing the institutional damage that the previous administration had inflicted on the country and its government.

It only took a second for Press Secretary Psaki to ponder the query and shoot back with her one-word reply:

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“No,” she immediately answered without further explanation.

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Perhaps next time the journalist will have the presence of mind to formulate his question so that it couldn’t be properly and devastatingly responded to with a yes or no answer, but, for now, he’s learned that Jen Psaki has the skills to imply that a question is not the most astute line of investigation and shut it down in an instant.

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Right-wing White House correspondents take note,  if you don’t bring your A-game, you will be subject to Psaki’s seemingly complete mastery of political public relations and will likely wind up on the losing end of any exchange.

You can watch White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki in action in the video clip below.

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