October 2, 2022

Eric Swalwell delivers swift comeback to Ted Cruz over his congratulations to new Capitol police recruits

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Like all law enforcement agencies, the Capitol Police regularly recruits and trains new officers to fill out its ranks.


This year, the need for new personnel is particularly high, since the toll that the January 6th seditious insurrection took on the dedicated police force for the Capitol grounds included one officer killed by the deadly mob, another who subsequently committed suicide, and 73 officers who sustained injuries in the attack and were at least temporarily unavailable for duty.

The arrival of a new class of graduates of the Capitol Police’s training program was, therefore, an occasion to be celebrated as the department did by posting a congratulatory tweet to the graduating class.

When Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) saw the tweet, he was inspired to send along his personal best wishes to the graduates as well — as long as he could be seen as being publicly supportive of the force that he put into danger with his own seditious speeches supporting Donald Trump’s big lie of a stolen election, speeches that helped launch the deadly assault on the Capitol to begin with.

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Congressman Eric Swallwell (D-CA) saw the repugnant Texas Senator’s congratulatory tweet and kindly offered a translation for those who couldn’t immediately see through Ted Cruz’s politically-manipultive intent.

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The California lawmaker aptly points out the hypocrisy inherent in Cruz’s insincere congratulatory message and holds the Texas politician’s feet to the fire for his continued support for Trump and his pitiful attempt to ingratiate himself with the folks who may be forced to protect our elected representatives from the next right-wing mob of crazies who dare to invade Congress.

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Rep. Swalwell’s post was well received by the folks who read it on Twitter.

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