February 4, 2023

Stephen Miller heads to Fox News to explain his new lawsuit against the Biden administration

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Former White House adviser v Miller apparently didn’t do nearly enough damage as the architect of the Trump administration’s heinous child separation policy.


Now the White nationalist advocate is planning on suing the Biden administration for favoring Black Americans in its policies after centuries of racial discrimination that literally and figuratively put African-Americans on the back of the bus when it comes to their treatment in our society.

Miller took to the friendly airwaves of Fox News to announce his plans to host Maria Bartiromo, complaining that Blacks are receiving an unfair advantage over other races in the Biden administration’s pandemic relief legislation.

The former Trump advisor claimed that the Biden administration was not fair to White people because it specifically allocated $5 billion to Black farmers who were denied federal aid due to discrimination during the previous regime.

Stephen Miller believes that no group should receive targeted relief based on their race, arguing that the White farmers who have traditionally received the lion’s share of federal agricultural support should have access to the same pool of money as the Back farmers that the legislation singled out for assistance.

“We filed two lawsuits,” Miller told the Fox News host. “One lawsuit to ensure that farm aid is delivered irrespective of one’s race and ethnicity.”

“The Biden administration has specifically excluded people solely based on skin color,” he continued. “That’s outrageous.”

Oddly, Miller never uttered a peep about “equity” when it was Black farmers who were being excluded from aid programs during the administration that he was part of.

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The second lawsuit that Miller discussed is designed to force the Biden administration to punish migrants and undocumented immigrants.

Miller used an ill-suited and deceptive metaphor to describe the immigration policy being pursued by the Democratic president and his congressional allies.

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“Imagine you were living in an apartment building and a new landlord came in and he ripped off all the doors, he ripped out all the windows and he said that any lawbreaker, any trespasser, any vandal, anyone — even criminal — who wants to come into your building and your unit is free to do so,” Miller posited. “That is what President Biden has done to the country,” he claimed.

The likelihood that Miller will be successful in his lawsuits remains to be seen, particularly after four years of Republican court-packing with right-wing, Federalist Society-approved judges, but the idea that it would be considered illegal to rectify decades of harmful discrimination with targeted relief funds seems as ludicrous as the idea that states that haven’t experienced a disaster being owed an equitable portion of any disaster relief funds appropriated by Congress simply in the name of “fairness”.

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You can watch Stephen Miller spew his evil agenda to Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo in the video excerpt below.

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Original reporting by David Edwards at RawStory.

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