Ted Cruz starts Twitter feud with The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah and winds up regretting it

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When he’s not busy helping foment an insurrection or escaping weather disasters for tropical getaways to Cancun, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) is fully occupied with grand matters of statecraft like attacking anything proposed by President Biden, Vice President Harris, or the Democratic party.

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Somehow with all this furious activity, Senator Cruz still has time to watch Trevor Noah on The Daily Show and instigate Twitter feuds with the Comedy Central host.

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The latest skirmish in the war of words between the Texas senator and the TV comedian started with a segment on The Daily Show in which Noah while discussing the political implications of the latest U.S. census figures noted that the population growth in America during the past decade had grown at the slowest rate since the 1930s.

While that comment alone likely wasn’t enough to raise Cruz’s ire, the fact that Noah comically attributed the drop in the birth rate to the widespread availability of a certain photo of Senator Cruz was enough to motivate the GOP politician to pathetically strike back at the Comedy Central host.

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Cruz’s tweet doesn’t directly address Noah’s insult but the senator was clearly inspired by the putdown to attack the comedian with GOP talking points.

One would think that Senator Cruz had been in Congress long enough to learn that it’s not wise to pick fights with comedians who invariably have a much greater reserve of wit with which to do battle.

Trevor Noah demolished Cruz with his devastating reply to the senator, making it look as easy as shooting ducks in a barrel.

Senator Cruz couldn’t muster up the same level of wit when he replied with wounded pride and a weak comeback.

Noah quickly negated any impressions that Cruz’s accusations about the quality of the humor that he presides over at The Daily Show might be true by delivering what, as of the writing of this article, was the final volley in the flame war between the two men.

Informal internet judges on social media declared Noah the winner of this battle by a knockout.




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Hopefully, Ted Cruz’s devastating humiliation in the hands of Trevor Noah will convince him to cease picking battles of wit and intellect in which he is woefully outmatched.

Republican Senators have much more important things to do than publicly duke it out with comedians when they could be out there gaslighting America and licking Donald Trump’s shoes.

Still, it is extremely entertaining to watch.

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