Watch My Pillow’s Mike Lindell fall for a prank call from someone pretending to be Trump

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The best comedy on TV right now isn’t coming from a major network or streaming service.

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Anyone perusing the TV listings may not even come across this deeply hilarious programming since its humor is entirely unintentional and won’t be found in the television comedy sections of the listings.

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Instead, this laugh riot can be found as part of the 48-hour streaming event being conducted by My Pillow CEO and Trumpian conspiracy theorist Mike Lindell to promote his new social media platform, Frank — a service that has already missed its predicted launch date and is floundering due to technical difficulties.

Frank is meant to be a platform where conservatives can freely promulgate the unfounded conspiracy theories regarding the supposedly stolen election, Bill Gates-designed microchips allegedly circulating in COVID vaccines, Jewish space lasers, or any other lunatic beliefs that would get them booted from Facebook, Twitter, and other social media giants.

No one ever accused Mr. Lindell, who came to prominence after starring in his own ubiquitous infomercials for his fabled pillows, of being an intellectual giant.

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The admitted former crack addict is best known as a fervent supporter of disgraced former President Donald Trump who tried to peddle a toxic extract of the oleander plant as a cure for COVID-19, besides selling an enormous number of fiber-filled pillows as a miracle sleep aid.

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His laughable attempts to promote his new social media venture with a 48-hour “Frank-a-thon” were undermined by his decision to patch in callers live on the air to talk about the new service and how it will prevent the cancelation of right-wing speech by refusing to censor its users, with the exception of banning profanity.

The problems began when it became obvious that many of the callers were not conservative true believers, but internet trolls determined to punk Lindell publicly during his poorly-produced telethon.

The results were some of the funniest video clips that you’ll view all week.

The fawning look on Lindell’s face when he thinks he’s about to speak to Donald Trump is precious, but it is exceeded in its entertainment value by the look that replaces it when the pillow salesman realizes that he’s been conned by a skilled impersonator.

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Hopefully for Lindell’s own sake, he hasn’t invested his entire fortune into this new social media venture.

This is one entrepreneurial undertaking that no amount of pillow sales will be able to underwrite, judging from its initial marketing effort and technical deficiencies.

At least for 48 hours anyway, the Frank-a-thon helps fill the void in breakout new TV comedies in this pandemic-affected television season.

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