Tucker Carlson’s wild military feminization claims garner backlash from female service members

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Shakespeare said it best: “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.”

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A sure indication that a person’s complaint is rooted in some type of deep-seated insecurity is the vehemence with which they argue their attack against their chosen target.

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One has to wonder what that says about Fox News host Tucker Carlson who embarked on a vicious bout of open misogyny by attacking what he claims is President Biden’s efforts to “feminize” our nation’s military.

Carlson’s rant was likely triggered by a bevy of policy changes instituted by the Biden administration as it begins to reverse the atrocities of the Trump era, including relaxing regulations for allowable hairstyles for female service members, making flight suits suitable for pregnant aviators, and, likely the most egregious in the reactionary eyes of the right-wing provocateur, the elevation of two female generals to four-star combat command posts after their promotions were suppressed by the prior administration.

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Carlson’s rant and his anti-China fear-mongering stem from more than just the desperation of a particularly slow news day.

The perpetually offended Fox News host has long been criticized for his frat-boy misogyny and ill-considered “America First” jingoism.

Carlson’s comments accusing the Biden Pentagon of making “a mockery of the U.S. military” with their reversal of the bigoted policies of the previous president did not go over well with women service members and veterans.


While Carlson’s ignorant and bigoted diatribe has also offended many people not associated with the military, as the reply to Ms. Spears post indicates, it is these responses from actual women who have served in the military and have the biggest personal stake in his insulting commentary that ring the loudest.

America’s First Amendment allows Tucker Carlson to hold and disseminate any opinion that he wishes,  no matter how wrong-headed and objectionable.

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It also allows those for whom hatred and discrimination are not a daily ritual to loudly condemn those who hold such despicable positions.

Perhaps it’s long past the time for those who are the targets of Carlson’s antipathy — like the women who make up 50% of humanity — to convince Fox News to seriously reconsider the employment status of their hate-spewing primetime host.

Now that would be a move that Carlson could not consider excessively feminine.

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