August 19, 2022

Ted Cruz requested police escort for his family’s arrival at Houston airport despite winter emergency

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Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) needs some serious crisis management assistance at this point.


Not for the millions of Texans who are shivering without power or heat as an extraordinarily severe winter storm knocked out much of the state’s unregulated power grid, but for his own reputation after bringing his family to Cancun, Mexico for a winter vacation in the sun while the state he represents in Congress is suffering an unprecedented disaster of frigid cold and desperation.

After social media exploded in outrage over Cruz’s Marie Antoinette moment, as The View host Meaghan McCain referred to his actions, another aspect of his trip triggered further fiery responses as it was revealed that the senator’s office had asked the Houston Police Department to meet Cruz at the airport as he left for his winter getaway.

Presumably, the request by Senator Cruz dragged the officers away from more pressing duties during the emergency to escort the much-reviled senator through the airport corridors safely.

The response to the news on social media was rapid and savage.

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Actually, if the request was made on Wednesday as the source claims, Senator Cruz had not yet booked his return flight home with his tail between his legs.

According to one source, he only changed his return flight from his originally planned date of Saturday to today at 6 AM this morning after the news of his elitist escape from the unfolding disaster became a public controversy.

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With Senator Cruz already vulnerable politically due to his support of Donald Trump’s seditious “big lie” of a stolen election, it remains to be seen how he will wriggle out of his latest public relations crisis.

Hopefully, Texans will have a long memory and will give Cruz an appropriately cold shoulder when he runs for office again in 2024.

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