September 27, 2022

Rudy Giuliani tells Rush Limbaugh story about “panties” so gross it makes Bannon uncomfortable

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Rush Limbaugh, radio hatemonger and one of the chief architects of the paranoid ideology that now underpins the entire cryptofascist Republican Party, died yesterday and the conservative media sphere immediately went into overdrive trying to whitewash his racist, cruel, bigoted legacy by attacking anyone who dared point out that the man spent his life making the world a worse place. It’s perhaps ugly and cruel to mock or even celebrate the man’s death but for many—especially members of the marginalized groups he regularly attacked and otherized—it’s certainly understandable.


Like so many other conservatives who claimed to have admired the crude and bigoted Limbaugh, Rudy Giuliani mourned his passing by taking a stroll down memory lane. During a conversation with Steven Bannon on the former Trump campaign manager’s digital show “War Room: Pandemic,” the former New York mayor recounted the story of a time he went golfing with the right-wing shock joke. The two lechers arrived at the course to find actress Michelle Williams golfing and Giuliani proceeded to show off his well-documented perv side…

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“So on the green is Michelle Williams, she’s getting ready to putt,” explained Giuliani with relish. “Now, Michelle Williams is gorgeous. She’s six feet and she has a strange putting stance. She bends all the way over! And her panties show. And the press was going crazy. They were following her all around because they were trying to take pictures of her panties. I said Roger [sic] ‘it’s not me, it’s not you, it’s her panties.”

Throughout the telling, Steve Bannon can be seen growing visibly uncomfortable as he gradually realizes where the story is going, even audibly sighing and clearing his throat as if trying to subtly tell Giuliani to stop. Upon finishing the story, Giuliani seemed to notice Bannon’s discomfort.

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“Is that okay to tell that joke? I’m not sure,” the former mayor said, scrunching his face and leaning towards the camera.

“We already told it so it’s… I don’t know,” said Bannon.

If you have the stomach for it, watch the segment below.

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