October 6, 2022

Allegations of sexist cyberstalking by Trump’s top advisor roils secretive paternity case

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The key advisor in Donald Trump’s post-presidency is an often-deadbeat dad who just sent a grave threat to opposing counsel, upending the extraordinarily lengthy Florida paternity case he’s spending a fortune to fight.


A prominent Florida divorce attorney says the messages from Jason Miller could be a violation of the state’s criminal laws against cyberstalking.

Today, Miller is presumed to be the sole public spokesman for the fallen ex-president but when reached by email he would not confirm any employment-related questions.

However, when he’s not involved in drafting sometimes laughable public statements for Trump or giving media comments, he’s furiously litigating with top-dollar lawyers to stall inevitable child support payments owed to A.J. Delgado, the former 2016 Trump campaign senior advisor whom he impregnated in an extramarital affair.

Washington Press emailed Jason Miller for comment on the facts of this story and he declined to address his own conduct. But he did reply that he feels “forced” to have spent, “over $800,000 for my own legal bills, much of which could have been going to William,” his son.

Nevertheless, it is incontrovertible Miller took action earlier this month that threatens to significantly delay the case and could even lead to judicial sanctions. He bypassed his own attorney and threatened by email to file a frivolous bar complaint against attorney Laline Veloso.

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Trump’s advisor spitefully mocked the Harvard-educated, licensed New York lawyer for raising their baby full time and hurled a sexist insult at his child’s mother because she’s unable to return to work.

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“Miller’s attacks against me personally have made it extremely difficult to find work in my field,” A.J. Delgado told Washington Press when asked about his brutal remarks.

In response to emailed questions about her work difficulties, Miller replied with a false and defamatory screed which maliciously accused the mother of his child of a crime she did not commit (nor was accused of any crime) in a 2012 civil case in Florida. It is unprintable in its raw form.

“Without qualification, if a lawyer sent that kind of message to another lawyer, there would be bar action against them,” says Rick Priera, Esq., a top-rated Miami divorce attorney who reviewed the recent court filings (embedded below).

“In my opinion, says Priera, “those types of communications constitute cyberstalking under the statute”

Florida’s cyberstalking and harassment law makes it a crime to harass someone by engaging in a course of conduct through electronic messaging sent to a specific person, which causes substantial emotional distress to that person and serves no legitimate purpose.

Despite three hearings in the last year, a Florida judge still hasn’t awarded the mother her attorney’s fees from the father who rakes in a ton of cash working for Trump, but that he’s desperately trying to keep secret as described in detail below.

“Temporary relief, including legal fees, is a matter that is usually top priority on the calendar after securing the health and safety of children,” said Priera, who said it was highly unusual to be so far into litigation a ruling on legal fees, based on his 30+ years of experience in the field. “The next priority is then making sure the parties are on equal footing so justice can be dispensed. If one person has an overwhelming financial advantage over the other, then there is not a level playing field, and order for attorneys fees should be entered.”

“It’s obscene and disgusting, the amount of money Jason is willing to pay to try to suffocate William and me into submission, or simply to inundate me with litigation. Imagine if all that money had gone to a college fund for William– it’s tragic,” says Delgado. “He has never even once made a settlement offer.” As for Miller’s sneer about Delgado’s attorney’s fees, he has only paid $122,500 over four years for the mother’s counsel, and Veloso is only owed a fraction of that figure but still hasn’t been paid by the father. (He insists to have paid $200,000 without offering proof for his claim.)

When Miller emailed the Press today he falsely claimed that has spent $200,000 in legal fees for the mother of his child, and after asking for a two-day trial only a few weeks ago commented that “our paternity case should take 15 minutes to resolve, simply around child support matters.” He concluded by complaining without a sense of irony that Delgado has “rage tweeted against me over 3,000 times in the past three years” while working for the world’s well-known cyberbully.

In fact, this isn’t Jason Miller’s first time abusing the legal system to force out one of Delgado’s lawyers. She took to GoFundMe in 2019 after he used the exact same litigation tactic by agreeing to cover her legal fees, then bailing on the payments until her lawyer left the case, only to settle when he was on the way out the door.

“They’re just trying to harass Ms. Delgado’s attorney to the point where she doesn’t want to work the case anymore,” says Miami litigation attorney George David about the threatening emails. “Is it a proper mode of litigation to try and make it so that no attorney can represent the mother? It’s not.”

“The father’s threats could indicate an improper motive for litigating the case, which could be sanctionable by the court,” says David, an attorney practicing since 1991 who reviewed the facts of this case. “In Florida, a judge has the inherent authority to issue sanctions to punish one side for deploying improper litigation tactics.”

Jason Miller personally started broadcasting Trump’s message of election fraud in the media before election day as the top campaign surrogate. In fact, he was reportedly the first person whom the disgraced ex-president calls each morning.

Throughout the home stretch of the campaign, the adulterous denizen of sleazy massage parlors served as Trump’s senior advisor and was often the lone public face of the operation on national television during the Sunday morning national politics interview programs.

Despite his high-profile position, Jason Miller never got paid directly as an employee of the campaign. And he’s still withholding his mandatory financial disclosures connection with his Florida litigation, a fact that is highly unusual for that state because of its permissive public records laws.

“The court’s powers to keep something confidential are generally limited to the safety of the children,” said Priera, noting that a 2017 order in the case to keep the father’s financial documents secret appeared to be unusual.

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At one point, Jason Miller declared in court filings that he’d be unemployed by mid-December. Yet, he stayed on to run the Trump Campaign’s post-election Big Lie that led to the Capitol insurrection.

This long-running dispute has public significance because it involves the top political advisor to an ex-president under criminal investigations spanning the country — the same ex-president who recent polling indicates would garner 53% support against a divided field if the Republican presidential nominating contest were held today.

Miller’s machinations aimed at depriving his dependent child of support payments also represent a threat to the rule of law in Florida because of his political influence with the Republican Party’s de facto leader, as Delgado’s lawyer succinctly drafted in a court filing:

Court Documents:

Page 3 of Notice Of Filing 1
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