August 10, 2022

Right-wing rant of the day: Greg Gutfeld treats Fox viewers to his inauguration-fueled vitriol

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While much of America downplayed any partisan differences that they may have today to celebrate the historic inauguration of President Joe Biden and Vice-President Kamala Harris, one merely had to tune into Fox News to realize that not all of the sore losers were keeping a low profile today.


While the hosts on MSNBC were all smiling and happier than we’ve generally seen them over the last four years, Greg Gutfeld was hyperventilating to his fellow co-hosts on Fox News’ late afternoon program, The Five, raining on the parade for anyone of their viewers who may have been tempted to heed President Biden’s calls for non-partisan national unity.

Gutfeld was responding to a question regarding the future, now that Biden has been successfully inaugurated, faced by the many conspiracy-minded Trump supporters who are also believers in QAnon when he launched into an indignant tirade.

“That’s a great question! What happened to all those conspiracy theorists that beleive that Russia helped get Trump elected? Where did they go?” Gutfeld shouted.

Before anyone could suggest that many of those people are still on the bipartisan Senate Intelligence Committee that actually confirmed that scenario, Gutfeld continued.

“Oh that’s right, they got promoted in the media,’ he snidely barked.

Gutfeld, ignoring the promotion of phony claims of election fraud by the media outlet that he was broadcasting his words, went on indulging in a long bout of verbal diarrhea presenting his discredited viewpoints on “the resistance,” the inauguration, and Biden’s calls for unity that proves that those calls are falling on deaf right ears, in his case at least.

You can watch a sample of his rant in the excerpt below.

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It will be difficult to find unity with people who see the country’s ideological divide as entirely the fault of the Democrats while failing to recognize the massive failures of the Trump administration.

Perhaps, in addition to an anger management course, Gutfeld should take a much-needed break from his hosting duties while his blood pressure returns to normal levels.

If the experience of progressives during the Trump era is any guide, that should take him at least four years, although we’re hoping for a minimum of eight.

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